Beauty Shorts: New Products That Work Better (Plus One That Doesn't).

It's too hot for me to do anything. I did manage to try two products you should know about and one you shouldn't, but otherwise, I'm moving as little as possible.

Check out the first two products that worked.

Too Faced has a lip liner called Perfect Lips, available in one color, Perfect Nude. I'm not really sure how one lip liner can be perfect for everyone and I am not suggesting that it is. But it does happen to be my perfect color. It's just a teeny bit darker than my natural lip color. In the above photo, my lip is nude, except for the outline of the lip pencil. So if you share my coloring, this lip liner wears really well, blends seamlessly, feels smooth and is almost undetectable as a liner. Yet it manages to give lips a defined edge, keep color in place and make lip color last longer. If you've tried this and you don't share my skin tone, I'd love to know how this worked for you. For me, it's kind of Perfect!

Sephora has their own line of OPI shatter polishes, called Sephora for OPI Blasted. I've tried the regular OPI Shatter (black) and the Sally Hansen Crackle and I've had a really hard time getting either of them to shatter on me. Maybe it's because I'm not applying it correctly or maybe it's because my nails are very "wavy". (Which I've discovered means the nail appliques HATE my finger tips.) I picked up the Sephora OPI Blasted Silver, as my favorite cast member promised me that it worked for her. Much to my surprise, it worked really easily!  I used Blasted Silver over Zoya's Gemma. I was ready to kiss this trend goodbye solely because I couldn't get it to work for me. The Blasted is fool proof, based on my experience!

Now for the product that makes me mad. I picked up this new Maybelline Shine Sensational Pop Stick in Citrus Slice. This is supposed to be a bright tint with major shine. More like major fail. This was too gorgeous not to pick up. Too bad it has NO color. I'm super pale and it doesn't even try to tint me the slightest bit citrus. And it has a really heavy saccharine taste. Bleck.

If you have a young child that desperately wants to play with makeup, this is great for them. It looks like it would have a color punch, but all it does is fizzle. Plain old Chapstick has more shine than this. I tried to swatch it but couldn't even get that to show up. So you'll just have to trust me.

I bought all of this. Too Faced doesn't test on animals. Maybelline does.

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  1. Saw cappucino and spiced latte at Nordstrom's but did not have a chance to do anything but swatch them on my hand. Great new neutrals, haven't been any in awhile. That's all I wear, so I should know! Glad to hear they will be widely available, can't wait to get back to try them on. Thanks for starting my legwork!!


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