Perfect Peaches for Spring

I know I gush often about my love of peach colored cosmetics. True peachy colors are what makes my heart race. Not pinky peaches or coral peaches (which are also lovely), but true peach.

There has been a lot of debate amongst my blogger friends and I about how the slightest bit of pink makes a color pink and not peach, in my very discriminating book. I've looked long and hard for some pigmented and pretty peaches. I've found a few that are worth knowing about now.


Essie has a polish called Tart Deco that makes my mouth water. It's a gorgeous, creamy color. I first saw this on another blogger in LA and am going to be picking it up the first second I have a chance to run to the store.

YSL's Creme de Blush in Velvety Peach is one gorgeous color. While it looks like it might have a touch of pink in the container, on the skin it is soft, sheer and perfectly peachy. 

(YSL swatch)

I really like to use it as a base color on the apples of my cheeks and then add a touch of Zuii Organic's Mango blush on top of the YSL. The two together are magical.


Estee Lauder launched a new line of colors for Spring 2011, including Wild Coral, a very bright and on-trend orangey-peach lipstick. It is a very glossy and hydrating color, which you'll need to plan to reapply fairly often. I don't even care that the color fades fairly quickly (40 minutes of True Color, maybe, without a primer), it's just so pretty.

I know, it seems overly bright, but every time I put it on, strangers stop me and ask about it. My fellow redheads will love this color! This color does have a drop of coral in it, but it still seems very peachy to me. I love it!

What other peachy beauties am I missing out on? Please fill me in. I need to know!

Bloggers involved in my peach debacle gave me the YSL and Estee. You ladies rock! I'm buying the first bottle of Essie in Tart Deco I can find and Zuii Organics sent the blush for review.Estee Lauder and Zuii Organics don't test on animals. YSL does test on animals and Essie doesn't, but their parent company, L'Oreal does.

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  1. I love that Coral EL lippie! HAHA Kelly, my dear you know your love for peach is only matched by my love for coral! I assume if you are a true peach lover you have NARS Deep Throat blush? If you don't, you NEED it!

  2. Coral is such an universal colour, that many skin tones can pull off. That blush is a beautiful shade, as well as the lipstick! :)

  3. wow, the ysl blush is impeccable, just gorgeous

  4. These are all so pretty! I love the nail polish. I looked for it at the store today, but I couldn't find it, darn!

  5. i adore peaches too and that lipstick looks amazing. have you checked out the peach lipgloss and cream blush in Laura Merciers's Lingerie collection? Also you MUST try Estee Lauder nail polish in Tempting Melon, if its still available.
    Amina x


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