New From tarte: Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush

I recently scored this bright peach blush from tarte (my twitpal EyelinerOnTheCat would probably like it).

Tipsy is a really pretty pigmented peach blush that adds a wallop of color to your cheeks. And thanks to the Amazonian Clay, it claims to last for 12 hours. But does it? Blush, more so than any other product, seems to skeet right off my face faster than you can say "skeet right off my face."

So I am going to put it to the test!

I wore this blush with my regular liquid foundation and my Face Perfector to finish my look.

Did it last a full 12 hours?

My day was really hectic on the day I officially tested this. I was at work by 9am (on a blisteringly cold day) and was there doing tv stuff until 4, when I left for a mongo Karma Dogs event, where hundreds of kids would take the Oath of Kindness. Then I left that program mid-stream to race across Baltimore to make it to a doctor's appointment. So did the color hold up?

By the end of a long day, it's still there. It's not quite as vibrant as it was, but it's still there!

Tarte sent this for review. Tarte doesn't test on animals.

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  1. Ooh, I'm so glad you reviewed this. I've been wondering about the twelve-hour claim.

  2. This is on my wishlist! I thought tipsy was described as a coral? Is it more peach or coral? My love of coral blushes is as strong as your love of peach blushes!

  3. Oh no, not you too. Are you jumping on the Best Things in Beauty and Anne Houseman bandwagon of my discussion of all things peach? I thought we were friends, Cindy. :-) I see this blush as being very peach. I think the photos I took are very realistic of the actual color. In my mind, this is peach and Benefit's Coralista is Coral. Peach is more orange to me, where coral is more of an orangey/reddish/pinkish mismash of a color. I think finding a good coral is even harder than finding a real peachy color. I don't think this color is coral at all. :-)

  4. I looked at the Sephora site and I have no idea, based on the press sample I received, why it would be called coral.

  5. ow lovely color!!!

    Oeh btw, I had a swap of nailpolishes and beauty samples with someone from Singapore a while ago and I suddenly remembered she had send me samples of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion as i tried it out today. It was Sin version, which has a champagne shimmer in it as well, it worked amazingly good!!! I even took photos of my eyelids after a complete work day and my eyeshadow looked as I only just applyed it!! :) So my hunt for the product will start tadaaa

  6. That is a fantastic primer! I really want to try the new one, I think it's called Greed. Love it!


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