Lipstock Cream: Organic Goodness In A Sweet Package

I have a serious sweet tooth and this is right up my alley! This adorable lip cream from Lipstock is serious help for women struggling with a parched pucker (although despite it's candied look and containing marshmallow*, it has no flavor).

Lipstock Cream Lip Conditioner is 100% natural, made from USDA Organic ingredients and each batch is handmade. It has no fragrance or flavor and is preservative- and cruelty-free. Besides all of that, what makes this balm different from others, you ask? It includes watermelon seed oil, which I am told is extremely lightweight and hydrating. It also includes grapeseed oil, beeswax and avocado oil in a creamy formula that doesn't leave your lips feeling greasy.

It even adds a pretty shine to the lips. I've been applying it once before going to bed for the last week and I've been waking up with dreamy lips that feel wonderful pretty much all day. I'm mainly an inside girl, so keep that in mind. My lips get incredibly dry, but it's not like I'm outside hiking all day. Either way, this lip conditioning cream feels wonderful, is very hydrating and it works.

Check it out for yourself at

Product was sent for review. This isn't tested on animals.

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