Inspired by Cupcakes: Three Custom Color's The Sweetest Thing Collection

Inspired by the Cupcake Couture of Miles Ehan, Three Custom Color has released a perfectly pink palette that's all sugar and no spice for their Spring 2011 Collection.

This adorable little palette, The Sweetest Thing, includes a very light pink shadow, Icing On The Cupcake, which is perfect to wake up your eyes, giving you the innocent look of an ingenue. It contains little reflective bits of colors across the spectrum to add a little dimension. You can use it in the corners of your eyes, all over, as a highlighter on your cheeks or apply it damp to really bring out the sparkle!

(The lightest color on the lid is the Three Custom Color Shadow, shown dry.)

The middle color is a soft pink gloss in Candy Cloud 9.

It's a very light and shiny color; picture a child's sweet smile after eating a candy cane or bubblegum flavored lollipop.

Lastly, this palette contains a very pink, sacchariferous cream blush/lip tint in Lollipop. It's the same shade left on your fingers after that final bite of decadently decorated cupcake. Together, it's a very innocent look, perfect for spring. It's really, really pink for me, but what about you?

(Swatches of all three colors; the blush is on top, the gloss in the middle and the shadow is on the bottom.)

Here is a slightly brighter look using the same palette.

I used the shadow wet and as a cheekbone highlighter. I used the shadow wet. I also used Lollipop on the lips, followed by a bit of Candy Cloud 9 for a glossy Katy Perry look. So pretty!

Be sure to follow Three Custom Color (@Threecustom) on Twitter today (January 27th) for special deals and giveaways, celebrating the launch of this palette! Look for the #sweetup on Twitter and don't miss this sweet opportunity.

Palette was sent for review. Three Custom Color doesn't test on animals.

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  1. Kelly, the Lollipop topped with the gloss is the BEST lipcolor on you! Gorgeous!!! (p.s. the hair is looking great!)

  2. Gosh, thank you!! That is so nice of you to say!

  3. Sexy eyes and lips.
    Absolutely SWEET collection.


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