At Last! Faux Lashes Even I Can Apply: Kiss Premium Lashes

Kiss Premium Lashes has created an almost perfect faux lash experience for us klutzes who can't wear faux lashes to save our souls. I have tried for years as a serious makeup enthusiast to learn the tricks to successfully attach them to my eye lash base. I've gone to MAC to have them teach me, I've purchased the special curved applicators from Sephora and I've watched that seven-year-old from Urban Decay put them on his mom. And I still can't do it. Other bloggers have tried to help me. I'm hopeless.

Until I tried a new lash from Kiss Premium Lashes, which will hit shelves at Walmart, Walgreens and CVS in February. This amazing little lash has strings that loop around the end of each lash, that aid in finding the perfect placement. I know, what can strings possibly do?

Everything. They make everything easier. Which is probably why this design is patent-pending and all around awesome.

I watched a little seminar online about how to apply them and then, like it was no big deal, I had eye popping lashes in less than 3 minutes!

(I tried these. See the little strings?)

Here is how it works:

But first things first. I have better pics to share with you. So many people have asked about these, I wanted to give you the details now. I'll post my pictures as soon as I possibly can.

You use their new lash adhesive, which has a pointed applicator for precise glue application. It doesn't get everywhere and you don't waste the product. It's latex-free, odor-free, waterproof and boasts a 24-hour flexible hold.

Wait about 30 seconds or until the glue turns clear.

(Lashes applied, strings attached.)

Grab the strings on both sides, really close to the edge of the lashes and place them at the base of your lashes. This is where I normally fail completely and the strings make placement incredibly easy.

(See the strings on the end? These are key!)

Push the Kiss lashes into the base of your lashes, making sure that the ends of the Kiss lashes are attached firmly to your lash base.

(Another view of the lashes with strings. They don't get in your eyes whatsoever.)

You'll have two strings sticking out both ends of the lashes. Carefully select ONE of the strings. Place one finger over the same end of the faux lashes to hold them in place and use the other hand to gently pull out ONE of the strings. Then repeat on the other side of your eye. Your lashes are now firmly in place and will stay that way until you take them off!

(Not too bad for my first successful attempt!)

I have never been able to wear false lashes and now I can! Sweet!

There are a few downsides, however.

As of now, the way the strings run through the lashes, you can't trim them to fit your eyes. In the past, lashes have been too long for me and these fit perfectly. But if you have tiny eyes, you may have issues. They are working on fixing this now.

The new and fancy lash glue will only be available in the US this year. It will roll out into Canada, but not until next year.

And the biggest downside - the strings will only help you once. So after you've used them, if you're all thumbs, you may still have issues. The good news is that they are inexpensive enough ($3.99 each!!) you can pick up a pair every weekend (if that's how you roll) and it won't break the bank.

Here is a slightly better look at the styles hitting the shelves soon.

To get you started, I have three pairs of lashes and one tube of the new glue to giveaway to one lucky reader in time for Valentines Day! Just leave a comment either telling me what your perfect Valentines Day date would be. I'll pick someone (with the help of on February 3rd.

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  1. These look amazing and I can't wait until they hit shelves!!!
    My perfect Vday date would be an overnight trip to New York! An afternoon stroll arm in arm through Central Park, a visit to the MoMA, dinner in a tall sky scrapper where you can see the view of the entire city all lit up! Cheesy... Maybe but isn't that what Valentine's Day is about?!? :P

  2. This might be my favorite beauty invention EVER. I can't wait to try these out. Thanks for always bringing new products to my radar!

  3. These look like even I may stand a chance at lashes!! My perfect Valentine date would involve a soft gentle kiss...even if it is from my kitty or my pup!! :-)

  4. Would love to try these! I am totally retarded when putting on lashes and the glue usually makes me feel as though I am going blind (even when I don't get it in my eye) from the fumes. My perfect Valentine's Day date would be a second-rate dinner in Punta Cana with our best friends.

  5. I like the look, if we win is it a certain one you have in mind?
    I have always admired eye's and never could simply get the darn things to go on right. Could it be
    because I am left handed? Anyway,
    my roomey wears them everyday and looks totally great. Her eyes stand out and when I need help to go out
    I ask for it. I would love to win
    these and finally get into my eyes.
    I have been complimented in having
    nice blue eyes, so I am sure I would look fabulous. (hehe)
    A perfect VD would be going into town and having a nice Steak & Lobster dinner at Mortons Steakhouse and then kicking off my heels and strolling down the beach at Sunset batting my eyelashes ( Luckily I have the most fabulous beach, I live in Hawaii. Yes, I am blessed, I know.

  6. I'm not big on Valentine's Day, but my perfect romantic date would be a full day. We'd wake up together, go get coffee/tea and pastries, go to used book stores, read or watch a movie/tv show together, cook dinner and dessert together, and finish the day by cuddling and reading. Romance to me is just spending a lot of comfortable time together.

  7. These look great! I've never had much success with false lashes, but maybe these are the trick!

    My perfect VDay would be a trip somewhere (Paris perhaps?) or even just somewhere around here but out of the ordinary. No work, no one else to worry about but us.

  8. A perfect Vday is having a full day with my sweetie where there is no phone calls or interruptions. A nice bowl of pasta and a good wine would be the perfect ending. I'll just be certain to remove the lashes before opening the wine.

    happypulitzer at hotmail dot com

  9. I can't wait to try those!

    My perfect valentines will happen this year: having someone to celebrate it with no matter what we do!

    wellreadnpoised at

  10. Pajamas and a pint of Ben and Jerry's sound like the perfect Valentine's Day to me!

  11. Don't enter me in the contest. I just want to say how great a job you did and your pictures are perfect!

  12. My perfect Valentine's date would be a dinner by the beach with my hubby- it's our wedding anniversary (Feb 14) so Valentine's Day is always xtra special to me!
    These lashes sound wonderful- I have never been able to apply them correctly! thanks for the contest! jeanie

  13. The perfect Valentine's date would be just being able to be with my husband. Nowhere fancy :) As long as I have him with me, my best friend in the world, all things are grand. :D

    Can't wait to try these lashes!

  14. These lashes look great. I am definitely lash challenged and will keep an eye out for these. My perfect Valentines Day date would be a quiet evening with my husband - a light dinner, a warm bath, and a little dark chocolate.

  15. My perfect Valentines Day date would be at our favorite fondue restaurant and a movie afterwards.

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  20. I have never worn lashes before, so this would be great to try out as a newbie! My perfect Valentine's Day date would one where there is a real connection, and probably would be in the city, starting at a nice restaurant, and we'd see where it goes from there.

  21. My PERFECT Valentines date would be dinner & a movie...w/my Hubby (of 35 years!) and our sweet, oh-so-loving Grandson who is 3 1/2 and as precious as he can get!!! ;-)

    I used to wear false lashes, but haven't in quite awhile, LOVE to try these!!!(1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com))

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