Roots Only Hair Color Applicator. Genius!

More often than not, I color my hair at home. Now that it is getting longer, I try not to color my entire head each time, but reds fade fast and blah blah blah.

Part of my problem is that it takes FOREVER for me to section out my hair (which is super thick) to color the roots. When I have tried some of the applicators that come with root touch up kits, the color-depositing doohickeys angled weird and I end up coloring way more of my hair than I had intended.

So when I saw this, I got EXCITED.

Roots Only Color Applicator is the first applicator I have ever seen that looks like this. Instead of angled spiky things, it has ten color applicator bits that make root touch ups FAST.

You don't have to section your hair and go 1/3 inch by 1/3 inch over your head. All you do is mix the color in the bottle and deposit the color at your roots. You can rake the applicator through your hair and cover your head in two inch swaths. If everything goes right, you can cover your entire head in less than 10 swipes.

Here are some tips for using this. First of all, start by combing or brushing your dry hair straight back and make sure there are no tangles.

Pick a section of hair to start with. Use BOTH HANDS to comb the applicator back through your hair, without releasing any color. Then go over the exact same place again, squeezing with even pressure using both hands. Easy! I suggest using both hands because while it doesn't take a lot of pressure to make the color come out evenly, you do have to maintain that pressure throughout the entire application. Maybe I have wimpy hands that can't squeeze that hard for that long? It's not hard, I just find it easier to use both hands. After you've applied the color, take your gloved hands and give your roots a quick scrub, making sure you've covered everything. I covered my whole head in less than five minutes. It couldn't be easier.

If you color your hair at home, you need to try this! Pick one up for $7.99! It's genius!

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