Maybelline Fit Foundation (Updated!)

Maybelline Fit foundation just hit the shelves at my Target and I was powerless to resist trying it out. My favorite foundations are currently Estee Lauder's Resilience Lift Extreme and Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation, so a drug store formula would have a lot to live up to.

This formula comes in 16 shades, with matching powders and concealers that will work with all of the foundation shades (6 in total). The foundation also contains an SPF of 18. According to Maybelline, this foundation has something called "skin merge technology", which helps the foundation blend quickly and adapt to your skin tone for a perfect match.

I chose the lightest shade possible, to match my neck. In the past I have had a problem with brands not being light enough or turning yellow after a short period of time, which makes it hard for me to embrace a drug store foundation.

I was thrilled that this foundation matched my neck and blended on to my face beautifully. It reminded me quite a bit of the Bobbi Brown Skin foundation that I had loved over the summer. It feels very natural and very light on the skin itself. It is slightly on the hydrating side (great for my dry skin), but that may not work for people with oilier skin. I don't normally experience issues with breakouts, but if a silicone-based, hydrating foundation is something that may trigger a breakout, this may not be for you. The best part? This foundation didn't turn yellow on me after a bit of wear, like most foundations do. Sweet!

This gives a light to medium coverage, so if you have areas that need more coverage, you will want to have a concealer on stand by. You definitely will want to set this with either a powder or some kind of face perfecter to help it look fresh even longer. Before using my Dior Crystal Nude Skin Perfecter, the foundation did want to settle into some of the deeper lines on my face. However, once I set the foundation, that ceased to be an issue.

Fit Foundation gave me a very luminous, radiant finish. It covered redness and large pores with ease and lasted throughout the day. I don't remember this last time I enjoyed a drugstore foundation this much!

Fit Foundation, Concealer and Blush officially hit shelves in January, but keep an eye out for it now in your neighborhood!

UPDATE! I also picked up the concealer and it is gloriously wonderful for under the eyes. It lends the same radiant glow to concealing that the foundation does. It's not quite as "glowy" as Laura Geller's Banish and Brighten, but it's gives a similar effect. I'm wearing the concealer (and the foundation) in this post. I picked up the 15 concealer and I love it!

I bought this. Maybelline does test on animals.

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  1. i think you have talked me into it!

  2. I just saw these at my local Target and I wanted to get it but my boyfriend dragged me from the display screaming u don't need more makeup LOL! After reading this review I'm going to get it and the matching powder. without the bf of course. Thanks for sharing

  3. thanks for the review. I know you can order it now on the target website but being in canada, I don't think I can ship it over, it will be a long time before we get it. Thank goodness I have like 40x foundations still on the go! :)

  4. Thanks Kelly! I love me some cheap and cheerful! Maybelline still has a lot of good will in my beauty box after their Falsies mascara launch. I will check out FIT too!

  5. Sounds great Kelly! I love a good cheap and cheerful find. Maybelline still has a lot of beauty cred with me since their launch of the Falsies Mascara. I will give this a try at some point, for sure.


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