Wen Re-Moist Hydrating Hair Mask

I was QVC surfing on my computer and came across this hair mask from Wen.

I know. In the past, I had been skeptical about how well Wen worked. Then I tried it, and was really pleasantly surprised at what a great job it had done cleansing my hair and making it feel and behave beautifully. I definitely have dry hair, so figured I would give this a try.

This Re-Moist Hydrating Hair Mask is made of hydrating oils and is what Chaz says he uses on someone to get them ready for Wen before they use it for the first time in his salon. Chaz has an interesting philosophy about the current wave of protein (Keratin) treatments that are everywhere on the market right now. Chaz thinks that adding protein to the hair actually causes more damage and that moisturizing is the way to go. He recently said (on the Q) that when you see all of the little pieces of hair that are sticking out everywhere, those are broken pieces, thanks to protein treatments. According to Chaz, protein makes the hair stiff, causing it to break. He feels pretty strongly that his moisturizing approach is more gentle and less damaging to the hair.

I know that overusing protein treatments can definitely cause problems with your hair. Once, I used a little too much of a product with Keratin and it made my hair hard and crunchy. I also know that my hair is currently super soft, but also has a ton of those little weird broken strands that stick out all over the place. Ok Chaz, I'm game to give this treatment a whirl!

The Mask is the consistency of body butter and smells delightful. Chaz suggests that the longer you leave it in, the better the results will be. Alrighty then. I'll sleep in it and see what happens. Before I apply the Mask, my hair feels like it normally does. It's a little on the dry side (ok, a lot on the dry side) and it feels a tad bit crunchy.

(Skipping ahead a few days - if you could hear me, I'd hum something for you to signify the passing of time. Probably the Lady from Ipanema or something similar.)

I have now slept in this mask 3 times in two weeks and washed my hair with Wen Pomegranate afterwards. I should note that I love the smell of this Wen Cleansing Conditioner. The Pomegranate smell makes me pucker the way you might when you smell lemons (which I love!).

My hair has serious movement, from the roots to the tip, which is something I never have.
My hair normally only has movement from the ears down, so these are exciting times for me! My hair also does not have all of the pokey-out bits it had previously, which makes me a happy, happy girl. My goat hairs are still acting up and this isn't doing a thing for my frizz. But overall, my hair has more movement, looks and feels softer and my color isn't fading. And since these pokey bits are gone, I think I am back on a Wen kick!

I have also tried using the Re-Moist Hydrating Hair Mask after I cleanse with Wen. It makes my hair equally soft without weighing it down (which I is what I thought would happen). This hair mask isn't the cheapest solution to getting really soft and healthy looking hair, but it definitely worked for me!

This was sent to me for the purposes of review. Wen doesn't test on animals. And they are big fans of dogs.

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  1. I have Long Long hair down too my waist and I loved the results from using WEN products.....Believe me I would never use anything on my Long hair that would be harsh or not give the results that were promised....I am very pleased and will continue to use WEN:)

  2. I am a Wen addict after using it for the past month! I have awfully damaged hair, frizzy corse fly aways the works! Just using the wen for the past month my hair is like I have been to the Salon, soft not frizzy at all I can let it dey naturally and it looks perfect, I will actually let my hair grow past my shoulders now that I can leave it out! As your review is two years old I was wondering have you continued to use wen?


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