Lash Tinsel from Hard Candy

Need a holiday pick me up without spending a ton of cash on the latest super palette? Check out Lash Tinsel by Hard Candy. It's about $6, available in a ton of colors and makes your lashes sparkle.

Other companies are selling a gloss and Lash Tinsel-like product for over $25. This one works just as well and is just as festive as something that would cost you four times as much. What a sweet holiday score!

It's available in 6 colors from Walmart:

Ufo - a teal green
Disco Ball - a sliver
Showgirl - a bronze
Spellbound - a shiny black
Voodoo- a bright blue
Gold Digger- a gold



I used a lash primer as always, and then my regular mascara. I topped it all off with the Lash Tinsel. I didn't have any problems with the extra coat wearing my lashes down, although it did make them clump slightly. I also didn't have problems with fall out, but I only wore it out at night, for about 6 hours.

(My eyes at the end of the night. I love how they sparkle, depending on how the light hits them.)

Here is me wearing Ufo and Spellbound. I love how the light catches the sparkle!

Not content with just a slight sparkle on the lashes, I applied this to my finger and then patted it onto my lids. I then used a my hairdryer on the cool setting to dry the formula (so it doesn't go everywhere!). The result?
(This is the exact same eye, before the Lash Tinsel Eyelid overload.)

A glitter ball eyelid with no fall out and long lasting twinkle! This isn't for every day, but if you want to sparkle sans fallout, this may be a great, cost effective solution!

Ufo was sent for review and Spellbound was purchased with my hard earned cashmonkey. Hard Candy does not test on animals.

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  1. I love the closeup picture of your lashes the colour looks really intense!


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