Peter Lamas Avocado & Olive Shampoo and Conditioner

It's no secret that I love this line of hair care products. Their Chinese Herbs line has made my hair grow like magic. And now that it is longer, it needs a different type of help.

(My hair now, after a few major hair cuts. My hair when I started, in January.)

I haven't had longer hair since the mid nineties. When I had it, I didn't have problems with frizz or flyaways. Flash forward 15 years, and I feel like a hair baby, asking my stylist what is causing my woes. She looked at me (via a picture and responded over email) and said, "um, Kel, that is what we call frizz. Most people have it. I can't believe you, of all people, are asking me this."

So I have been trying some products and formulas and have found some success. However, I still have my goat hairs, which I assume are the hairs that have gone gray and developed into a wild hair(s), with a mind all of their own. That one-two combo is going to make me bonkers.

Sensing my impending state of being driven bonkers by frizz, Peter Lamas suggested I try his Avocado & Olive shampoo and conditioner. According to the website, The Peter Lamas Avocado & Olive Ultra-Smoothing Shampoo features Avocado -a natural moisturizer and soother - to condition and tame curly, frizzy, hard-to-manage hair. Olive Oil coats each strand to leave hair smooth and ultra-shiny. This reparative shampoo also contains biosaccharide gum, sandalwood extracts and Panthenol (Vitamin B), which combine to restore, fortify and smooth hair cuticle, preventing future frizzy flare-ups.

The first time I used this, I noticed an immediate change in my hair. I am all about having ultra smooth, ultra soft hair and this delivered. My frizz was cut significantly and my hair was shiny, felt like silk ribbons and didn't make me bonkers in wet weather. But what about my goat hair, you ask? Well, it's still goat-y and while the number of goat hairs has been reduced, they are still there. What is helping slightly is using my Chinese Herbs Revitalizing Styling Cream. It adds a little more shine and an eencey bit of hold which tames the remaining goat hairs, for the most part. It's no surprise, considering it comes from Peter Lamas, but I love it!

This product was sent for review. Peter Lamas doesn't test on animals.

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  1. Kelly, I almost ordered this shampoo, but I didn't know if it smelled "herby." Does it have an herb garden fragrance?

  2. I am terrible with scents. Citrus and certain flowers are the only thing I can recognize, so I am a bad one to ask. I don't think this smells herby or green (or like olives or avocados), but it does have a smell that is as strong as other shampoos. I never noticed it and certainly don't think it's bad, but I can't identify it. How's that for helpful? :-)


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