Four Fun Finds You Need To Know About Now

1. Lierac Diopti D'emaq. This gentle eye makeup remover is my new favorite.

It's gel-like consistency makes removing my mascara very easy. It's gentle on the lashes and even helps nurture and condition these often abused and overlooked beauties. It's alcohol-free, safe for those with sensitive eyes (and contact lens wearers), and is free of fragrance and parabens. It includes Keratin and B-5, to help strengthen lashes with every use. It is even strong enough for waterproof mascara. Diopti D'emaq is available in select CVS and Duane Reade locations as well as online, and retails for $24.

2. Laura Geller's Blush-n-Brighten Baked To Go Baked Cheek Color in Pink Grapefruit. The perfect pink blush from Laura Geller is now available in the right size to throw in your purse.

This mini blush comes with a baked blush on the inside of the tube, a sponge applicator that picks up the right amount of color with ease and a large mirror to make sure you look amazing. Your travel makeup bag just got a little lighter (and smaller.) Just remember to blend slightly with your fingers after using the sponge. This is also available in Golden Apricot, one of my preferred peach shades. These baked shades are among my all time favorites. I love that I can take them with me!

3. Prestige Lash Matrix claims to wrap lashes with flexible polymer spirals that provide length and volume. The description almost had me thinking it was going to give me lash tubes (like the amazing Blinc mascara), but it doesn't.

(No mascara.)

What it does do is build amazing length and some decent volume.

(With Prestige Lash Matrix.)

It's also waterproof, but still feels decently soft on the lashes. I am on a quest to get the most length out of my sad lashes and out of all of the brands I purchased, this one is staying at Chez Gouldylox and is not being returned to their brethren at the store.

4. Revlon Multiuse Palette (from the Suede Rhapsody Collection) is the cutest, most creatively thought out palette (from a design perspective) and actually gives good results.

I know, I am a harsh judge of Revlon's previous attempts at cream shadow palettes. In fact, I hated them. Allure loved them, which makes me think they tested the wrong thing. This palette however, is great. It's most likely found on an end cap with new colors from Halle Berry at your drugstore.

(From Top to Bottom: Lip color, Highlighter, Cheek, Brown Eye, Gray Eye)

The lip color isn't really for me. It's a bright, typical cherry that is too bright and too sheer to work. The shadows creased a little, even with a serious primer, but worked better than their predecessors. (I am not really selling this, am I?)

What I mainly loved about it was the cheek color and highlighter.

This made my skin tone sing. And despite minor creasing, my eyes looked pretty fab too. For $7, it's worth checking out!

I bought the Revlon palette and the Prestige Mascara. Other items were sent for the purpose of review. Laura Geller, Lierac and Prestige do not test on animals. Revlon maintains they are cruelty-free.

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  1. I, too, have fallen in love with Laura Geller's "Pink Grapefruit" Baked blush and brighten, and it's become my go-to this summer (and fall!). I love the way the Revlon palette looks on you;so soft and pretty! The colors kind of looked like they could be harsh in the palette, but they're not at all. (and I'm wish you on their other cream shadows...bleh!!!)


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