From My Inbox: Smelly Belly Button?

Viagra spam aside, sometimes I just get funny things in my inbox. Now, sure as someone with a very deep set belly button, I do understand that sometimes smell can be an issue. However, soap and water does a fairly good job of correcting this problem. Or so I thought. I had no idea that there was an epidemic of stanky belly buttons that needed their own products. Apparently, they do. With this new information straight from my inbox, I give you The Navel Fresh Spray.

The Smelly Belly Button Solution®

Medali and Gold, the exclusive manufacturer of Chlorhexafresh®, is excited to announce the release of one of the most exciting cleansers to be developed in years. The Navel Fresh Spray™ is the only cleanser that targets the belly button. The navel is an often overlooked but essential part of our bodies health and well being, The Navel Fresh Spray™ cleanses the navel by combining Chlorhexafresh® and a blend of essential oils that are designed to freshen and cleanse the belly button. Available only on at the Medali and Gold website, The Navel Fresh Spray™ will suprise and delight you.

Thoughts? According to the website, this will make your navel smell like heaven on a warm, summer night. Also, according to the FAQ's on their website, they will cancel your order if you spend over $199.99. Is that a normal thing I don't know about? That tidbit makes me wonder how secure it is to freshen your navel in this new fangled way. Hmmph.

ps- in case you were unclear, I am not suggesting you buy this product. That mention in the FAQ's about not ordering too much really makes Loxy and I think that it is a hinky scam. So don't buy it.

UPDATE! I received an email shortly after posting this from the President of product development at the company. He assured me that the reason for the cap on purchases is limited supply, as they are a new company. If I can recover the email itself, I will post it for you. However, my phone/gmail appears to have eaten it. Found it! Here it is:

Hi Loxy,
I'm the President of Medali and Gold and the developer of Chlorhexafresh and I want to thank you for letting everyone know about the Navel Fresh Spray. Smelly Belly Button is a common problem! The product is not a scam, in our testing stage there was a large demand for The Navel Fresh Spray but we only have a certain amount made. As we are rolling it out we wanted to make sure we could make it available to customers that wanted to be able to try it and then reorder as needed, rather than stock up and leave some other customers with out their needed belly button treatment. As soon as possible, we will take down that requirement of only $200.00 amount. Again, we thank you for attention.
Dr. Alexis Gersten, Medali and Gold
President, Product Development

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  1. Kelly, this just doesn't sound right to me. I mean, wouldn't your normal washing routine in the shower/tub combat your unfresh naval?? Would anyone admit to having a smelly belly button? I think I'll just stick with my philosophy 3-in-1s to freshen my button....

  2. It sounds odd to me too, but so did Vajazzling and that took off like wildfire!


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