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While these products have been around, my new obsession is with the face finishing anti-powder. Mally and Benefit have similar products that I have tried, but my favorite in this category (as of now) is Jouer's Essential Matte Touch.

Lately, blame the heat, my aging skin or how easily I grow bored, but lately I haven't wanted to bother with powder. I don't like how it often settles in my fine lines or looks cake-y after multiple uses. Sure, there are powders that I like, but I am a little more than bored with them.

My newest obsession? A new type of product (new to me, anywho) that gives your face a flawless finish without the powder. Imagine something similar to a post-makeup face primer, but in solid cake form.

I have discovered a few of them so far, but right now I am loving Jouer's Essential Matte Touch. It doesn't feel like a chunk of silicone, the way that similar products do. This skin perfector contains Willow Bark Extract to calm and firm skin as well as vitamins C, D and E. It's soothing and much less slippery in feeling than some of the others on the market. If the silicone makes you feel oily, this one won't! You can apply it with a sponge, brush or even your fingers and voila. Your skin looks amazing!

(My portable buffing brush. The retractable brush is a must have for this kind of use.)

Personally, I like to carry a portable buffing brush and touch up whenever needed. Call me crazy, but sponges just skeeve me out.

Your skin looks flawless, as if a soft filter has been applied, but without the residual settling into the fine lines you may get with powder. My pores are diminished more with this than, dare I say, almost anything else. While it looks whitish in the container, it applies completely clear and is suitable for all skin types. It doesn't build up and on my dry skin, never makes my skin feel oily or dirty. It's like a tiny, portable airbrush!

Essential Matte Touch from Jouer is available online and Henri Bendel. It is totally reasonably priced at $26.

This was sent to me for the purposes of review. Jouer does not test on animals.

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  1. Thanks, Kelly, for your comments about the other ones that I was interested in. (an aside: I have loved products by Jouer, although I think they need to improve their color presentation online. It can be tough to tell what you're really getting.) This product sounds great for sensitive skin like mine. I want it!!!

  2. I can name a few companies who need to do a better job with colors on line. I know its subjective and hard to do, but some don don't even seem like they are trying.


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