Because You Hit a Rough Patch: A Hand Scrub You'll Need Now.

I have dry skin (as readers may remember from my constant complaints last winter). It's bad. It hurts. I swear my hands feel like if I bend my fingers, when I wake up in the morning, my skin will surely crack. (Sometimes it does. Eww.) I have developed the habit of reaching for a particular product I recently discovered before I reach for my toothbrush. Using it makes my hands feel as if I have dissolved some kind of weird gloves that were holding my hands hostage, turning them into soft, supple, movable, usable hands, no longer bound by my dry skin shackles. I know it sounds dramatic, but my fellow dry skin sisters (and brothers) know EXACTLY what I mean.

What did I find? Because You Hit A Rough Patch Moisture Retaining Hand and Body Scrub. It's the perfect balance of gritty grit that gets out the gunk, polishes off the dead skin and leaves your entire hand amazingly moisturized, smooth and grease-free. I'm not kidding when I say it literally feels like my hands are brand new.

(This scrub feels as good as it smells on my dry, sad hands.)

This scrub is made from natural oils, sugar and other emollient ingredients that make your hands feel like new. Here is how the company says it works:

Because Moisture Retaining Hand and Body Scrub is made from raw cane sugar and berry seed oils rich in essential Omega fatty acids which join forces to baby rough, flaky, scaly, and dehydrated skin to reveal a softness that's positively new-born. Ideal for all skin types but especially beneficial for reptile-like skin. 70% Organic.

I definitely have reptile-like hands and this works. Have you tried Because You Hit A Rough Patch? Let me know what you think! I adore this!

This product was sent to me for the purposes of review. Because does not test on animals.

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