Get It While It Lasts! LORAC Perfectly Lit

I love it when companies partner with Sephora to offer deep discounts on special items. You know, those things at the cash register with a shiny gold circle on it, boasting a special price? Often, they are things I wouldn't try, but I can't resist the price.
Yesterday, Sephora (my Sephora, anyway) began offering Perfectly Lit Powder from LORAC for $9.

It's a beautiful highlighter that adds a candle light glow to all skin colors. It's a little shiny, a little sexy, and all gorgeous. Snag one while you can!

I bought this myself. LORAC does not test on animals.

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  1. I like the green eye shadow you used, by the way! It's nice to see you with some color :)

  2. Kelly you look amazing!!!! So radiant & pretty!! I'm bummed that my Sephora doesn't have this yet because that is a darn good deal cuz normally it's $36!! Hopefully that will be the weekly deal this week because I really want to try it.

  3. gorgeous! also, love the earrings!

  4. Thanks! I never wear long earrings - I thought they were too much with short hair and my glasses, but now that my hair is so long (for me!), I am trying new things!


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