Things I Forgot To Tell You About : July

Every now and then I forget to mention some items I picked up that made an impression on me. Especially lately, between home repairs, being really busy at the job that pays me and dealing with Loxy having a new schedule (we're up at 5am!), I can't remember what I have told you about and what I have forgotten.

A few months back, I picked up a new (at the time) foundation from Bobbi Brown. I was looking for something thicker than a tinted moisturizer, but not as heavy as a regular foundation. Skin Foundation SPF 15 provides light, natural coverage that manages to wear all day long, despite being so light that it's like a second skin. In the early spring, when I picked it up, I thought it didn't offer enough coverage. I recently picked it up again and can't imagine not using it in the summer. It looks amazing, wears all day long and provides the right amount of coverage.

I am an eye shadow addict and my pal Phyrra raves about Fyrinnae shadows, so with her help, I picked out a few to try. While I dig their shadows in general, I love their shadow, Ashes.

(Ashes shown by itself, with Pixie Epoxy and BE Prime Time for Eyes as a primer.)

It's the perfect dark, cool gray to compliment blue eyes. It is possibly the easiest dramatic-without-trying eyeshadow in my arsenal today. It's vegan and under $10 shipped.

Stila's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer has been a mainstay on my vanity this summer. While you can wear it alone (it won't cover much), I prefer to use it as a highlighter either in specific areas (cheekbones!) or mixed in with my foundation. A little goes a long way and it won't change the color of your foundation - it will only add a little luminosity. Other similar products made my foundation turn pinker or more yellow. This just added a luminous glow, a little like candlelight does to a face over dinner. Gorgeous!

For the decollete, I am loving a Bare Escentuals body powder I picked up a few months ago on the Q. This powder is like the magical color of sunlight hitting slightly tanned skin at sunset. In the movies, they call it "Magic Hour". On your skin, it's just beautiful. Add it to your collar bones, shoulders, even your shins, it gives an amazing glow that stays put. Sadly, you might have to hunt a bit to add this to your collection, but it's worth it!

I bought all of the above with my own shekels. I took the pictures as well. None of the companies listed above test on animals.

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