Swirled Kabuki Brush from Target

I recently bought a $30 kabuki brush from a salon. It's very nice and feels soft. When I use it with anything besides mineral makeup, the bristles shed like a dog in Spring. I have been trying to create vlogs for a certain foundation and this brush has ruined all of my takes. I should create an outtakes reel showing how there are so many bristles coming off of the brush, it gets stuck everywhere and it actually makes it hard to speak. It's not good.

So my heart burst with glee when I found this amazing little gem at Target. It's by a company called Swirled Cosmetics and it was $5.00. It isn't as large as the other brush, but it's decent in size. It is super-duper soft and it doesn't shed. At all. Even when I use it with a sticky liquid foundation, it gives me an amazing finish and keeps its bristles to itself. It is the best $5 I have spent recently!

I love this brush so much, I want to buy all of their brushes. I can't even find a link on the net, but I got mine at Target. I did go back to buy more and they were out. If you happen to see these brushes at your store, snag one (or all of them!) before they are gone! The parent company appears to be Apothecary Products, but this isn't even listed in their catalog. I need to see if their other brushes are as nice as the kabuki.

Am I alone out here? Has anyone else tried this? Tell me!

In case you missed that line, I bought it myself.

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  1. Awesome, I bought one from Ulta that I don't like so maybe I will try that one!

  2. i have a hot pink swirl one from target but i have not tried it yet i bout it a while back

  3. I have a pink one. It's super awesome && I love it! :)


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