Why Do I Even Bother To Try? Jesse's Girl Cream Eyeshadow

I really want to find an inexpensive eyeshadow that doesn't stink. So far, I have found Benefit, MAD Minerals and Stila to be excellent cream shadows. But they are all NOT cheap. Jesse's Girl is sold in drugstores (I found mine at Rite Aid) and come in really pretty colors, which is even more reason I wanted them to be great.


After Midnight


Crazy About You



I picked up Dreamer, which I was hoping would be a great shade just to make my eyes pop a little, while being a change from Stila's Kitten, a golden shade I usually reach for.


The color felt really creamy and very similar to how the Benefit shadows feel.
Then came the difference. It stayed feeling incredibly creamy - almost wet - on my eyelid.

(Dreamer swatched on the back of my hand)

When I blinked, the color went everywhere. For fun, I added eyeliner, using a powder, to try to dry it down a bit. Instead of making the cream shadow stick, it made my liner appear on my upper lid after I blinked. The only words to describe the look this gave me are "hot mess".
I guess you get what you pay for.

I paid for this shadow myself because a girl has to have a dream. My dream that day was to find cheap cream eyeshadows in beautiful colors.

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  1. Awww I just had an image of the Friends episode when Ross wore leather pants & tried lotion, then powder & it made a paste!


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