Times Square Reader Makeover

Last week I was in NYC shooting a commercial. Robin, one of my loyal readers, realized I was nearby and asked for a makeover. How could the retired makeup artist in me refuse? I couldn't! The event? While I would love to say it was for the 15th anniversary of her bat mitzvah (it was!), she was really meeting her new beau in Times Square to watch the World Series on the jumbo trons. She wanted flawless skin and to make her baby blue eyes pop.

(A before picture of Robin)

As I have mentioned, I spend way too much time in Sephora, and have no problem making myself at home. The first stop? The TEMPTU air brushing station. I sat Robin down, picked the lightest color they make, Porcelain, and began spraying away. After explaining to a customer service assistant that I didn't need help and promised not to break it (or air brush anyone else, despite their queries) Robin had really amazingly flawless skin.

(Illamasqua Sheer Lip Gloss in Tantrum)

Next, I showed Robin the new lip gloss I am obsessed with, Illamasqua Sheer Gloss in Tantrum, a deep violet sheen. This color made her eyes pop and became the muse for her whole look.

(Delight by LORAC)
(Celebutante by LORAC)

We went with bright LORAC eyeshadow; Delight all over the eyelid and Celebutante as a thick, but sheer cat eye liner. Next came a lash-hugging application of Front of the Line by LORAC in black to give her already long lashes a boost. I also gave her eyebrows definition with all my time favorite Auburn Essential Brow Powder, by Bare Escentuals. We finished off her eyes with Bare Escentuals Buxom Mascara, which gave her long lashes some extra oomph in the thickness department.

Robin has a natural pink flush. While camouflaged by the TEMPTU foundation, I didn't want it to show through. Since her eyes were already screaming candy, we went with a slightly more subdued peachy-pink in Coralista by Benefit. Just a tiny bit of color topped off with Flawless Radiance by Bare Escentuals and she looked amazing!

Afterwards, we headed out into the masses to take one last picture and find her friends. Thanks Robin!

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