What To Do When Haircuts Go Wrong

I recently got a call from my husband, Mr. Lox, who was upset about a haircut he had recently gotten at the Hair Cuttery in our neighborhood. He claimed it was horrible and that he looked ridiculous. While his hair actually grows in a circle and is difficult on a good day, I wondered how bad it could actually be.

When I got home, he stood up and pointed to his head, looking mad and embarassed. Ever the considerate and caring wife I try to be, I said, "I am so sorry for what I am about to do. Seriously."

I then burst out laughing.

"Oh Loxy, that is really awful! Did you pay for that? What happened? Did you ask for that? Did you tip? Why did you leave looking like that?"

I can't say it's never happened to me. Once, I let an really popular stylist, who had worked for the famous stylist, Garren, give me a mullet. I paid, tipped, and walked out of the salon. I looked at myself in the car mirror and wondered what the hell just happened? I lived with it for a day (Sunday) and then on Monday, I found the one salon open in Baltimore and got my hair cut off ala Annie Lennox from the Sweet Dreams days.

There were no other options, as my short hair on the "business side" was really, really short - the only solution left was to chop it off, making it almost even all over.

It grew, I lived. I went back to the same almost-famous hairstylist again and never spoke of the mullet. But what should I have done?

When you are getting a service from someone, always remember:

You have the right to speak up if you don't like what is happening. It's better to say, "wait! not so short" and stop them before you end up with something that will send you home angry or in tears.

You don't have to tip for a service that you don't like. But please don't use this as an excuse to be cheap if you didn't like the hot towels or if the music was too loud. If they did something you asked them not to or if they send you home looking crazy (Loxy, are you listening?) don't tip.

If you get home and you are still unhappy, call the salon and speak to the manager. I am positive they would rather retain you as a customer then lose you forever and will be happy to have you come back in and fix your flawed mane, usually for free.

On this flip side, don't take it out on your stylist by calling and saying they did a poor job, when in reality, they didn't make you look like Jennifer Aniston. If you show a haircut with the longest layer falling to your chin, don't be surprised when your hair ends up chin length. Discuss what you really want before you are shampooed, way before the shears come out of their sheath.

As for Loxy, shellshocked from his experience at the Hair Cuttery, he went to another local barber shop that was literally calling his name, Drew's Barber Shop, located in Parkville, MD. This barber shop took one look at him and said they had seen that cut many times before, from our friends at the Hair Cuttery. They showed him the big screen television, offered him a beer and fixed him up for $17. While his hair is a little short, it will grow and he can show his face in public.

And I can finally stop laughing.

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  1. That is not even real. I can't believe someone cut his hair like that!!! LOL At least when he goes Annie Lennox short it's because it's a guy's cut! ;) (BTW... I had to go that short after the tiger hair incident. I'm still looking for pics of it.)

  2. I am so sorry he had to endure such a bad cut even if for a short time. I think this has happened to all of us at one time or another. I told my daughter she better not give anyone a haircut like that. :)


  3. It happens to all of us. His was just really, really silly. He looked a little like a Sneetch from Dr. Suess. Or maybe it was a Who. Either way, not helpful for job interviews!

  4. Oh wow. Wow. That is a real mop top there.

    A similar thing happened to my husband once; the barber buzzing his head wasn't using a guard and actually shaved down one half-dollar sized "hole" clear through to his pasty scalp. Poor guy lived through it, but we all called him "spot" for a few weeks until he could get a new buzz (somewhere else).

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