Me and My Hair. In High School.

Back in the day, Vitapointe made my permed tresses look smooth and glossy. It stopped my hair from getting too frizzy and made my ringlets shine. However, things are different now. I'm all grown up and have a new magical hair elixir that does the same thing as Vitapointe, but without leaving behind that greasy feeling. It's nothing new, but it does work wonders.

I'm talking about Frederic Fekkai's Glossing Cream. I first discovered this years ago, when I actually won something from Allue magazine. If you haven't tried it, this cream will do amazing things for your hair and I now carry it with me at all times. It calms dry, tired or frizzy hair instantly. Plus it adds amazing shine. It's not as heavy as my old friend, Vitapointe, but I will warn that those with thin hair should use Fekkai sparingly. You only need a tiny amount and it was last for a long time. If you have yet to try this gem, pick it up.

Love, Love, Love this. You probably need this.

ps- I don't look like that anymore. In fact, one of my closest friends from school once didn't believe that I was me. True story.

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