Recession Proof Beauty : Rimmel Glam Eyes

I have no lashes. I mean, I have them, but they are almost non-existent. Thin, straight and short, they barely show up. I am always on the prowl for some new way to make my blue peepers pop. Recently, on a trip to Targe', I could not help but stop in my tracks when I saw a new Rimmel mascara that boasted it would make your lashes 7 times more spectacular. My current lashes are far from spectacular, so how could I not try this out?

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Rimmel Glam Eyes did make my lashes look longer and thicker. I also find that when I curl them before applying the mascara, it holds the curl for the whole work day. It didn't flake off or smudge under my eye and still looked great when I went to take it off about 14 hours later. Plus it comes in Extreme Black, which means either their regular black isn't, or this black is really, really black. I am loving my longer, thicker, darker glamorous lashes! I picked this up for under $8, so how can you resist?

I love this. I bought this. You should try this.



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