Come Clean : Foreo vs Washcloth

I haven't cleaned my brushes in way too long and it was time. Let's not ask questions like how long, ok? I  also have a lot of brushes, so this task struck me as extremely daunting.

LOVE Brush Bath!
I grabbed Brush Bath, a spray on brush cleaner that dissolves caked-in foundation like magic. However, you still need to agitate the brushes to remove the debris. So I used my fingers and it was taking forever to remove all of the foundation and gunk.

And then I remembered back to three or four years ago, when the Beautysphere decided that the best way to clean our faces was not with a washcloth, or even a spinning sonic brush. The new way so many doubled down on came from FOREO and their odd little nubby-textured, vibrating blop of silicone affectionately called a Luna. Now for me, this weird "miracle tool" did nothing. It didn't clean my face any better than a washcloth and I might say it did a worse job. It doesn't vibrate enough to be handy in an off-label use (admit it. you've wondered).


It's got to do something, right? Sonic vibrations and that nubby silicone? This seems like it should be well within the FOREO wheelhouse to double as a kick-ass, brush-cleaning speed demon. So I rinsed my brush, I sprayed Brush Bath deep into its crevices and cranked the sonic action up to full speed. I held the brush and the FOREO Luna under a little water and waited for the foundation to wash out, lickety-split.

Nothing happened. 

I did the same thing with a washcloth and guess what? Once again, I got better results using a washcloth to clean my brushes than with the sonic-powered FOREO Luna 2.

What a fail... it would have been genius had it worked. But nope. Once again, the $199 FOREO is outpowered by a $3 washcloth from Kmart.

How do you clean your brushes? Brush Bath is like magic, so check it out next time you need to seriously clean your stash. Just skip the fancy tricks and use some elbow grease.

Brush Bath is available from It Cosmetics and retails for less than $20.

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  1. Major blow to the 'ol Foreo! lol Kmart to the rescue.. hahaha

  2. Kelly, Your "off-label use" comment made me crack up! And satisfied my curiosity :)


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