How To Take Out Feather Extensions

Like all good things, trends and moods come to an end. The feather extensions you loved last month are now making you crazy and you want them out. Now. But they are attached firmly and you aren't sure how to remove them. It's only a little bit of hair, but you don't want to cut them out.

No worries. There is no reason to resort to such dramatic methods. 15 minutes from now (by the time you find the right tool in a drawer downstairs) you'll be feather-free. All you need is a pair of pliers with a texture on the "plates". Most commonly, you'll find ridged pliers. These will work just fine. If you happen to be crafty and have a pair of crimping pliers handy, those are even better.

Most feather extensions are attached with microbeads. The hair and feathers are inserted into the bead and clamped closed. To safely remove the feathers and bead, without damaging your hair, you just need to crimp the bead in the opposite direction. If you try doing this with flat pliers, I wish you luck. I'm not saying it can't be done, but I am saying it is a pain. You're going to need pliers with some kind of texture. That's why crimping pliers, used for jewelry making, work the best.

So let's get these things out!

Here is me, feather attached. I put this feather in so it would be easy for you to see how to take it out. 

1. Separate your hair so you can clearly see the bead and feather.

See how the bead is flat against my head? You are going to want to turn it so it is "standing up".

The flat bead needs to be squeezed in the opposite direction, making it open, in order to come out without damaging your hair.

 2. Put the flattened bead in between the plates of the pliers, so it is standing up.


3. Squeeze the pliers lightly, until you feel the bead start to give.


4. Gently pull out the bead and the feather.

Ta da! That's it. Easy and painless.

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  1. Oow thats very easy to do indeed. Thnx fir showing us :) put them back in again, cause they looked great!

  2. Actually, my stylist offered to paint one in my hair next time, which might be really interesting........

  3. This is awesome!!!..step by step and very detailed pictures. Thanks!

  4. MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone)October 11, 2012 at 12:24 PM

    I don't know how you can take pictures when you do this. I'm amazed.
    Both of your feather articles were extremely helpful (even though I decided not to wear feathers since I kept seeing 5 year olds getting them done!!).

  5. Ha! Loxy is very, very helpful!

  6. Very helpful! T
    I have some on... so. I was wondering how to take them off:D


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