Getting Out of My Own Style Rut: Accessories I Love Now

I don't write about accessories very often. Not because I don't love them, but because it's not what I know. That said, I wish I had the ability to style myself better. I love so many things, it's hard for me to find my actual personal style. I feel like a mishmash of a bunch of things that doesn't really fit into any category and honestly, it's confusing. One day I want to wear faux leather studded cuffs and the next day I'm drawn to Lily Pulitzer*. It's so much easier for me to wear the same jewelry every day than really think about it each morning. I'd rather spend that time on my eyeliner. But that's just me.

That said, all of this writing about getting out of a rut has got me thinking about branching out of my own comfort zone. So I'm trying to up my game, one baby step at a time. Here is where my baby steps have taken me this month.

Let's start with this Nally & Millie top. While it's not technically an accessory, in real life it kind of is. It goes with everything. I would normally hide from this shape shirt because I think it adds to my "volume". However, after wearing it a few times, I think I'm all wrong. The Dolman sleeves** and pointed hem hide a multitude of sins. It can go anywhere and is thin enough to be comfortable despite the heat and humidity in Baltimore. I added some long, mixed metallic earrings from Nordstrom, but it would work equally well with a chunky necklace or a scarf. While I would never do it, Anne from Beauty Xpose  would no doubt tell me to belt this. It comes with the tank, made out of the same gauzy fabric, but no one is stopping you from adding a pop of color beneath to switch it up. This top is also available in stripes, which I'm all about this moment!

Normally, I wear my simple diamond huggies that Loxy's dad and stepmom gave me as an engagement present. I didn't change them for 8 years, other than to clean them. Now that my hair is longer and I don't feel so self conscious about my ears, I'm branching out. The earrings that I keep getting compliments on are these Nava Wing Organic Bone earrings from Tribal Style. I would never gauge my ears (so settle down, family), but I love the look of faux-gauges. I originally starting looking for something like this to cover my left ear piercing, which has been torn slightly since the third grade. These partially disguise my lobe and are unexpected.  (I also love these earrings, which my Mom bought me on the spot, provided I never again wear the ones above around her.)

(The Ouchless Flex pony holder is fantastic for quick updos and I love the shiny, bright flowers!)

Finally, I'm trying to explore hair accessories. Most of the time I feel weird and not girlie-girl enough to pull them off.  (I don't feel like a girlie-girl inside. I feel like an amalgam of Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird, Gemma from Sons of Anarchy and Sam from 16 Candles. Arrested Development much?) Regardless, I can't stop picking up accessories every time I go to Target. Goody has these well made, fun, inexpensive clips and barrettes that I can't stop buying. If your hair isn't thick enough to hold its own in a large clip or decorative pony, try adding a thickening spray like UNITE's Boosta, a weightless product that gives you mega volume.

By the way, I realize that my shiny flowers don't go with my bone faux-gauges. See what I mean? Scout? Gemma? Sam? Who knows. No wonder I get style-fuddled so easily! Show me your favorite accessories! I need some inspiration to get out of my style rut!

*That is a giant, total lie. The one thing I KNOW I do not like is Lily Pulitzer. I just can't think of anything else to compare it to.
 **Thanks to Abby and Anne for letting me know I shouldn't call this top "pointy and squirrel-sleeved". You both rock.

I purchased everything shown above, minus the top and the bribery earrings from CWC.

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  1. Hello, first comment lurking for a couple of weeks. Like. Also growing out a pixie. I have three children so I don't spend much on products at all.  I love them so I make do with homemade, drugstore, clearance, coupons, frequent shopper rewards + sales, and the $10 a month sampling program( not sure if it's ok to name) and beauty blogs for dupes etc.
    I am also growing out my hair after a few years of a super short pixie. Here's something you may want to check out
    I am not affiliated with them at all. BIG beauty budget tip, browse home health care products for gems like above. Skin, hair, personal care and more formulas that are affordable with quality active ingredients.
    Oh I almost forgot my real reason for posting. You may or may not know that a dermatologist can fix your lobes. I had it done in the early 90's. Mine were stretched out after my bronx style door knocker  filled teen years. For any out there who aren't familiar with 80's NY hip hop style think of the big earrings SaltnPepa wore. Years of constant big earrings even to sleep damage was undone.. . It was an in office procedure, quick and painless and left no noticeable scars.

  2. Thanks so much for the tips! I'll talk to my doctor next time I see them! :-)

  3. I need that top, where did you buy it?

  4. Your hair looks iNCREDIBLE here!!! And I love that top!!!!

  5. I'm just SUPER impressed that you're looking at items out of your comfort zone!! Flowers? Oh my!

  6. Thanks, Steph!! You always so nice!! Check out their facebook page and ask where you can get it. Nordstroms carries them, but so do other  smaller shops.

  7. Uh... Everyone step away from the shapeless sack shirt.


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