Dior Fall 2011: Blue Tie Compact

This fall, Dior is releasing the Blue Tie collection, an elegant twist on dark eyes and light lips that is fit for any fancy occasion. The collection itself is wider than just this palette, but in this post, that what we are discussing.

( The shadows and the lip, shown open.)

(A close up of the shadows.)

The Blue Tie compact comes with four shadows and a lip color in one gloriously gorgeous silver case.

Here are the shadows on their own. They are fairly light when applied without a base.

Here are the shadows applied over a primer. They instantly become darker, more complex and deeper. 

The creamy, sheer lip color included in the palette is a light, nude pink that is actually much lighter than the above photo is showing.

(The pink that comes in the palette. It's lighter than you would think.)

While I adore the lip color included in this palette more than any other nude pink I can think of recently, I am not ready to give up my coral obsession of late just yet.

That's why I'm loving the Serum de Rouge Crystal lip color #855, Carmine Crystal, which is also new this fall along with five other beautiful shades. To me, this is a beautiful twist on the coral fifties lip, but slightly more sheer and with loads of sheen.

(Wearing #855)

I also am loving the lip conditioning benefits that go into the Serum de Rouge; mango butter, centella asiatica extract to stimulate collagen synthesis, ruscogenine to stimulate microcirculation and promote oxygenation
and commiphora extract to stimulate adipocytes for improved texture and volume. It feels amazing and wears for a long time without drying your lips. Love it!

Check out the Blue Tie collection at Dior.com and Nordstroms.

Dior tests on animals. Some products were sent for review. Some were purchased by me.
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  1. I think I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance. They are really sheer until you use a primer. Then the colors get a but more punch!

  2. What primer did you use?  I am just about to return this on account of it not being bold enough!!  But if I could get the colours to be a little more intense...

  3. I love Serum de Rouge as well, have one... it's just the price tag that keeps me from wearing it more often :)


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