NYX Liquid Liners Will Save You Money (Especially With My Math Skills)

Last weekend, my Mom and I got together to schmy at our favorite stores at our favorite outdoor shopping venue. For her, it's Coldwater Creek (You should see the coupons she gets away with! Every time we go, we leave with $300 in clothes for her and have only spent $16.42. It's crazy!). For me, it's Ulta and Burlington. I am a purse fiend. Thankfully, a cheap purse fiend, as I try to avoid leather (It's so much easier than you think!).

Anyway. We were in Ulta looking for a lip liner sharpener and happened across some brightly colored liquid liners from NYX. Their Studio Liquid Liners come in colors that remind me of the much more expensive Stila and Makeup Forever versions. Stila and MUFE do boast that their liners are waterproof, and from what I can surmise, NYX's are not.

I picked up the Extreme Blue and it is actually more pigmented than Stila's version of a very similar color. If you plan on swimming in this, I can't promise it's going to last the way that the MUFE might (provided you don't rub your eyes). But if you plan on just electrifying your eyes, this is a great option.

(NYX on top. Stila on the bottom.)

You'll save approximately $17.50 per liner you pick up (savings based on picking up NYX and not Stila or MUFE). So buy picking up two liners, you're actually saving $35. (I learned my retail math by watching you, Mom!)

I also picked up a Super Fat Eye Marker from NYX, which is kind of like writing on your face with a giant Sharpie. That said, if you want a fat cat eye, this is the easiest way to get it.

This Eye Marker is long wearing and very, very black. This liner will set you back $10.

Both of these wear well in the heat and humidity and both come off pretty easily with soap and water. If you've been wanting to try a bright blue liner, but couldn't part with the extra moolah, this is how to get your cake and eat it too.

I bought these. NYX is cruelty free.

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  1. oooh i'm def getting these thx for sharing


  2. nice sharing: I got your message at twitter don't own a FB account. The most Of my products are NYX that are Cruelty Free.


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