How I Got Good Hair Despite Bad Humidity

Today is the first day of it being really gross outside in Baltimore. It's only in the mid 80s, which doesn't sound too bad. But then imagine the (nasty) Inner Harbor water getting sucked up into the air and distributed on your hair and skin. I know humidity doesn't quite work that way, but it feels that way. Thick. Gross. Chunky. It's not a sexy kind of humidity, like on True Blood. Not at all.

This kind of weather (what I have to look forward to for the next three and a half months) makes continuing to air dry my hair even harder. Today happens to be a particularly good hair day, despite the disgusting humidity. Here is what worked well for me today.

I washed my hair with Herbal Essences Color Me Happy. I conditioned it with LATHER's Avocado and Mint Hair Repair. I then applied some Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist by Alterna to my damp hair. Next, I added some CHI Organics Olive Oil Glaze.

 (Barry Zuckercorn and I at Bob Loblaw Law Blog Launch Party* a few years ago.)

Then I didn't touch my hair again for about four hours. Seriously. In the immortal words of Barry Zuckercorn, Bob Loblaw and Michael Bluth, NO TOUCHING! Clearly, this is the key. The Olive Oil Glaze leaves hair feeling a touch crunchy when it is dry. Once your hair is totally dry, gently work the crunchiness out of it.

I was left with wavy hair that wasn't frizzy, but felt manageable and looked pretty good. It's not magazine perfect. But it's so much better than the usual air dry hair I am left with that just goes sideways. I still have feather extensions, which blended in beautifully with my natural hair. I liked how the natural wave came out in my hair, despite me not scrunching or touching.

*Totally fabricated event. Actual event was a fund raiser for a senior center. Whatever. I like my imagination better. 

Some product provided for review. Other product purchased by me.

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  1. It looks great!! I always have a hard time keeping that "no touching" rule. I always want to "scrunch" and then I end up frizzy. Your hair looks very modern and cool this way. Isn't it nice to know you have options???


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