The Greatest Color That Never Was: Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Balm

When I found this new Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Balm color at Ulta a few weeks ago, I think I actually squealed. It's unbelievably pretty. It's a perfect coral with a little bit of shimmer. I plunked down my eight-ish dollars and immediately tore into my Ulta package like a kid into a bag of candy. I put it on my fingers and thought that clearly, there must be some kind of clear gloss on the top of the product. Surely, it wasn't supposed to be this color:

Yet when I swooshed my finger around over the lip balm for a few seconds, trying to warm it up and get more product, the result was the same. It's basically clear.

What the what? Why on earth did grown men and women sit in a lab and come up with such a gorgeous color, only to make it into some kind of weird clear that never goes anywhere?

(You can kind of see a swatch.)

Did they do it to make me crazy? Did Revlon force them to forgo adding actual pigments? And just how does something with color come out clear? Is it magic? Clearly, the magic involved here is all about getting $8 out of my wallet. I want it back.

FAIL. At least they don't test on animals.

I bought this. It's going back.

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  1. I saw this in the store yesterday, I love the colour, but since it's sheer I passed.

  2. Yikes! Definitely return it. Ulta rewards points expire on June 30, by the way. (I have a $9 off reward that I need to use by then. I think it's time to splurge on a professional-quality flat iron.)


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