Fusion Beauty Gives Great Glow

I am all about looking lit from within. It's one of my favorite looks and products that truly deliver make me happier than happy.  Turns out Fusion Beauty gives great glow! Check out my before and after and let me know what you think.

This is me, with wet hair (I'm still looking for the perfect air dry product), without any makeup whatsoever.

This is me after. I'm not even wearing any foundation. This is my natural skin using only IllumiFill, Illumicover and SculptDiva Contouring and Sculpting Blush with Amplifat.

If you aren't familiar with Fusion Beauty, their products go way beyond adding color or radiance to your skin. Each product includes complementary skincare ingredients that, when used over time, do amazing things like firm skin, reduce puffiness and smooth expression lines and wrinkles.

IllumiFill Line Filling Luminizer with Amplifat instantly disguises shadows and wrinkles by giving the skin a healthy, radiant glow. This formula isn't going to make the skin shimmer or look glittery. It doesn't contain sparkle.

It contains light-reflecting particles that make your skin look younger, instantly. 


Over time, IllumiFill says it will make your skin fuller, by increasing collagen production through their Amplifat and No Line Technology.

You apply this by rolling it over the face, which feels cool and refreshing. Just be sure to lock the top to avoid spillage. I applied this all over my cheeks, around my eyes and forehead.

This is available in one shade that works for everyone for $49.

IllumiCover Line Smoothing Luminous Concealer  is a line smoothing, luminous concealer. Like its counterparts, IllumiCover is also a hard working skin treatment.

(From the top: Pale, Light, Medium, Medium/Dark)

While it conceals minor imperfections, it's more suited for brightening the under-eye area. This concealer also has light-reflecting pigments that make the skin under your eyes look awake and refreshed. It contains ingredients to help stimulate collagen production, stop environmental aggressors in their tracks and release hydration throughout the day, to give you a dewy look.

Finally, unique peptides help to make skin firmer over 8 weeks. What is fantastic about this particular concealer is that the time-released hydration keeps the under-eye area looking very young and very fresh. I didn't top my makeup with a powder and wrinkles were almost invisible.

(From the top down: Medium/Dark, Medium, Light, Pale)

This is available in four shades: Pale, Light, Medium and Medium/Dark for $36.

SculptDiva Countouring and Sculpting Blush with Amplifat has a name that is entirely too long. However, it's more than just a color, so I suppose it's their way of making it stand out. I used Cherub, a dusty rose, and KNOW I am going to need to head out to pick up Crave, the shimmering apricot.

This blush goes on light and sheer, with a hint of radiant glimmer. The Amplifat technology in this SculptDiva helps to plump skin slightly, giving you a youthful appearance. This isn't a heavy color, but you can build up the amount if you think you need a little more to make your cheeks pop.

 (This is two layers of color.)

Like all of these products, the finish this gives is all about the glow. It's available in five colors for $29.

Fusion Beauty products are available at Ulta, Nordstrom, Sephora and online.

Products were sent for review. Fusion Beauty does not test on animals.

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  1. I haven't tried Fusion yet, but have heard great things about the blushes.


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