Milani Liner Love: Liquif’Eye Liquid-Like Eye Liner Pencils


 My favorite drugstore line, Milani, recently launched new eye liner pencils that give my favorite Stila and Urban Decay pencils a real run for their money. Right now, Liquif'Eye Liquid-Like Eye Pencils are only available in three colors: Blue, Green and Purple.


I was able to check out the purple in advance. Trust me when I say it is GORGEOUS. It's got some sparkle and some sheen and wears all day with no signs of fading or smudging.

I paired it with a great golden shadow for a really simple look that made my blue eyes pop.

Here it is photographed next to my beloved Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof liner in Purple Tang. I tried to smudge them both and you can't. The difference is one is $20 and one is $8.

(Milani is on top, Stila is on the bottom. Neither could be smudged.)

Love it! I am going to have to pick up the other two, stat! Pick one (or all three) up for yourself at CVS or from Milani

Milani doesn't test on animals. Product was sent for review.

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  1. I have the brown color (IDR the name) & it is awesome. it has a slight gold shimmer to it that makes my brown eyes stand out. applies flawlessly & stays put. =)

  2. That purple is beautiful. I will have to pick that up next time.

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