My Longest Lashes Ever! RevitaLash Serum and Mascara

I try a lot of lash growth products in an attempt to really grow some lashes that can turn heads. Or look like lashes in a magazine. Honestly, I'll settle for lashes that show up in pictures.

(My lashes with mascara, before.)

Most recently, I tried RevitaLash lash growth Serum and Mascara for about two months. When I started, my lashes were at their normal, paltry, embarrassing, stumpy length.


According to their website, RevitaLash® was developed by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff as a special gift for his wife, Gayle, while she was recovering from breast cancer. Intensive chemotherapy treatments had damaged Gayle’s once beautiful eyelashes, leaving them sparse, breakable and fragile.

Reviews on the product have been mixed and lash growth products may not work on everyone. I've tried several that have worked and several that haven't.

However, I was gobsmacked when I caught a glimpse of my lashes one day. I knew they had been hitting my glasses for some time. But that happens every now and then, depending on which serum I am using. But I wasn't expecting this.

(No primer. Just amazingly long lashes. Even Loxy asked if the ones on the outer edge were fake!)

These are by far the longest lashes I have ever achieved using a lash growth product. Yeah, RevitaLash!!

The main active ingredient in this is Trifluoromethyl Dechloro Ethylprostenolamide, a prostaglandin analogue, along with peptides and botanical ingredients. Wondering where you have heard that term before? Latisse contains Bimatoprost, which is another type of man-made prostaglandin analogue. The use of prostaglandin analouges made the news quite a bit when Latisse was released on the market.

RevitaLash does run the risk of darkening the skin it contacts, although I have not had any of those side effects.

(My lashes this morning. Even longer than the pics I took two weeks ago for this story- above!)

Like other cosmetic products, RevitaLash has not been approved by the FDA and is for cosmetic use only. It is not a medical treatment and does not require a prescription. However, Latisse costs $120 per month and RevitaLash is closer to $25 per month. (One $150 tube will last 6 months.)

(Also from this morning. My lash is hitting my brow.)

I have never, ever had lashes this long. I'm, well, gobsmacked. Have you used this? Did you experience any side effects or lash growth?

Product was sent for review. RevitaLash does not test on animals.

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  1. Ok, I need in on this Revitalash thing... amazing post! You are my favorite for detailed product posts (you're the best)- you rock my socks (and apparently, so would Revitalash) : )

  2. Thank you, Bailey! You are too kind! I am still surprised by how long my lashes are. It seems like some days I wake up and they grew TONS overnight. I don't know if I can test other stuff after this (although I do have one more of these to test on my list!)

  3. That is AMAZING!!! REMARKABLE!!!

  4. Whoa! Tremendous results! If you decide to try out some new mascaras with your new lashes, I just got the new Voluminous Million Lashes by L'Oreal, and it lives up to its name. Not a ton of volume, but a good amount of it and insane length.

    I go department store on most cosmetics, but I've found that few mascaras in the better ranges are worth the price jump. I will be trying out, however, the new Clinique mascara for bottom lashes because, at $10, it's not a huge cash commitment.

  5. Hey Kelly,
    Nothing beat my lashes when I used Latisse, but I suffered with side effects and didnt feel great about using an off label glaucoma medication indefinitely! I LOVE my Revitalash too! My lashes are long and strong and I dont have anhy of the redness, itching and burning that I suffered with Latisse. As a BC survivor, I love the back story too! Glad you are loving your lashes.


  6. I use Rapidlash (easily available in Canada without a prescription) that I stumbled upon after a disastrous experiment with lash extensions. Pretty sure the key ingredient is similar to Revitalash. The difference is amazing and my lashes touch my eyebrows. Would not. Be. Without.


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