I Am Obsessed with Konad.

I haven't written about my newest obsession, Konad Nail Stamping Art. I am so late to the game it shows my lameness when it comes to nail trends. It may also highlight that my cuticles constantly look like a lawnmower ate them, not pretty like nail bloggers' nails look. However, since people are stopping me everywhere asking to see my nails, I figured it may be worth sharing for some other Konad newbies.

Konad is the company who makes this nail stamping system and it's kind of like saying Kleenex. (Other companies make the nail stamping plates, but everyone just basically calls it Konad.) It's really, really easy and there are a million tutorials online that will do a better job than I can possibly do, so check them out on YouTube. I really like these.

Here is a short version of how it works.

Create a design in your mind by picking out colors and stamps that you want to use.

(This was my plan.)

Get all of your supplies out, as you will have to work fast once you get started. This includes, but not limited to:

Nail polish remover

Several paper towels

A scraper (I have found that my Crown Rewards Hallmark card works best. It's just the right amount of bendy. I have experimented with different cards as scrapers in only the way an obsessed person can.)

A Konad Stamper

Nail polish

Design plates

Cotton Buds

Once you've gotten your kit together and laid out, start by using a base coat of polish on your nude nails. Then polish your nails with the primary polish color.

Then take your design plate, put a bit of polish on it, use the card to scrap off the excess, and press down fairly hard with the stamper.

Then apply the stamp to your finger with a rolling motion.

Wipe off the stamp and the stamper with a polish remover soaked cotton bud.

Do each nail.

Then let the polish dry thoroughly and use a top coat.

This is so much fun, I am obsessed.

I've also been really, really annoying to my much more in-the-know-than-me pal in the Netherlands, Martje. (Please check out her blog!) Between her help and YouTube, here are some tips I've amassed.

  1. Press down hard with the stamper when you are picking up the stamp.
  2. Always roll the design over your nail, don't stamp it.
  3. If the stamp isn't picking up, try diluting the polish a teensy bit with polish thinner.
  4. Check your stamp before stamping to make sure you shouldn't remove extra bits with a remover soaked cotton bud.
  5. Put a clear coat over the base color so if you mess up, you can remove the design without messing up the base color.
  6. You don't need Konad polishes exclusively for stamping. You just need opaque polishes.
  7. Don't use the metal scraper that comes in the kit. You'll scratch the plates.

I am obsessed with this. Have you tried it yet? Where is your favorite place to purchase supplies? What plate can you not live without? Tell me all about it, please!

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  1. Ooeehh awsome funky nails ;) I looove the colors you picked out!!

  2. I have a stamper but I could never get it to work! The scraper that came with it always seemed to scrape too much off the plate, and I could never get my stamper to pick up the designs anyway. I'm going to experiment tonight to see if your tips can make the difference for me!

  3. This was so helpful! Thank you for the easy explanation on How To!


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