Dalton Long Wear Eye Shadow and DermaFlex Cream Eyeliner

(Cream Liner, Shadow Duo and Brow Fix)

Right now, I am all about a lighter, fresher look. When this arrived from Dalton, it was exactly what I was looking for. Even better, you can get the amazing Brow Fix, Shadow Duo, Cream Liner and brushes for a sweet price on the Q now.

Dalton's Long Wear Eye Shadow in Plum Truffle and Champagne are a gorgeous duo on my fair skin. The Champagne color is slightly more pigmented than a shimmer, but isn't totally opaque either. It's like my skin tone, but brightened, radiant and with a slight shimmer.

(Plum Truffle is on top. Champagne is on the bottom.)

The Plum Truffle is more of a plum brown than a true plum. It looks much darker in the pan than it appears on the skin. I am loving it with my blue eyes.

These shadows lasted from 8am until 10pm when I took them off, with no change in color, fading or creasing. I did wear an eye shadow primer, but I don't normally get that kind of wear out of a shadow with the same primer. Especially when light colors are involved.

I paired these shadows with Dalton's DermaFlex Cream Eyeliner in Midnight. This liner comes in the same new container as the Brow Fix I am in love with. It has an inner and outer lid, to help extend the life of the product.

It also came with a liner brush that did a nice job, despite being longer and slightly thicker than liner brushes I am used to. This liner contains Dalton's DermaFlex technology, which helps the liner bind and move with your skin without cracking, flaking or smudging.

I wore this liner on my lids as well as tightlined, and it did not budge at all. Not at all. I don't know if I have ever used a cream liner that was as budge-proof as this. I did wear a lid primer like I do every day, but even that doesn't always stop liner from fading or smudging. That said, you're going to need an oil-based/for waterproof products makeup remover to get it off.

On the day I wore this look for the first time, a seasoned tv producer I was working with stopped me in the halls to tell me how amazing my eyes looked that day and asked what I was wearing. Considering she has worked with some of the best makeup artists around, I was quite complimented!

I love this liner and these shadow colors (and you know I adored the Brow Fix in Auburn). I can't stop wearing them! They're available now on QVC as part of a package deal for $38.

This product was sent for review. Dalton does not test on animals. In fact, Doris herself is an animal rescue volunteer and serious dog lover!

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  1. Looks great! I would also love to see a pic with your eyes closed. What eye primer did you use?

  2. I will see if I have a photo with my eyes shut completely. I used UD primer potion.

  3. What product did you use for your lower water line? Is that the champagne? The color is gorgeous, makes the whole eye really POP! Did the lower line stay on all day as well?

  4. Thanks! On the lower lash line, I used Tarte's Rest Assured - http://tartecosmetics.com/tarte-item-rest-assured

    It lasts ok. I have an impossible time getting liners to stay on my inner rim. I like Yeyo from UD, but that doesn't stay all day on me either, but I know others have more success with it.

  5. You know how sometimes eyeliner, esp. the budgeproof kind, can kind of "skip along" and leave gaps? Well, yours isn't like that AT ALL!!! It looks smooth, perfectly black and amazing. I love it!!!


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