By Nieves: Handmade Natural Body Care for Hydrated & Radiant Skin

By Nieves is a San Francisco line that is handmade, natural and often organic. Nieves herself has an interesting childhood, which is probably what lead her to create this kind of line. According to her bio:

For the better part of her childhood, Nieves traveled the West Coast (of Europe) with a pack of donkeys alongside her father, a folk musician and renegade intellectual. Because of her upbringing in the counterculture, Nieves became acquainted with alternative therapies at a young age. Her earliest career goal was to become an herbal healer, and in her late teens she became interested in aromatherapy. She has now been in the natural products industry for 17 years.

By Nieves was recently awarded the "Best Local Skincare Line" By SF Weekly, and with good reason. I got the opportunity to check out three of her popular products, The Balm, Face Fix and "C" Perfect Skin.

The Balm is (not surprisingly) a balm, a hydrating blend of oils that is good to use on every part of your body. Nieves likes to use it after shaving, but I love to slather it on my hands before going to bed.

I also love the shine it adds to my hair, with a touch of gentle control. It's also perfect for making a pony look nice and sleek. I do find that it's one of the moisturizers that makes my lips flake more, but it works nicely on my cuticles, so go figure. It's available in two sizes and totally worth checking out.

Face Fix is a fun find. This glass shaker contains the most unique list of ingredients I have ever seen in a product, including my favorite, Organic Bladderwack. Unfamiliar ingredient list aside, this product is especially fun for the home spa gals. You can use this as a scrub or make your own masque by adding a teaspoon of Face Fix to yogurt or honey (or whatever you create!). I added it to some yogurt for a cool and soothing masque. I let it dry, then used a warm cloth to remove it, exfoliating as I removed the masque. My skin looked surprisingly polished.

But what really blew me away was the "C" Perfect Skin. I know this isn't for everyone, especially my fellow blogger, Madeleine. This product is a blend of different organic oils and if applying oils to your skin is something you avoid, then skip ahead. However, for the dry-skinned or otherwise inclined, read on. After cleansing my face, I applied a bit of this serum while my face was still wet. After a few moments, I looked beyond radiant. Loxy noticed. I think even my dogs noticed, as I swear they gave me the crooked-head stare. The next morning, I used it again and wow. The effects seem to be instant and cumulative. Don't believe me? Check out this picture, with my normal makeup routine. My skin is amazing (and feels great!)

These products are organic*, handmade and very reasonably priced. This line is definitely worth checking out. Have you tried it? Please let me know what you thought! I am really impressed with the "C" Perfect Skin.

Product was sent for review. By Nieves doesn't test on animals. *Not USDA Organic.

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  1. Kelly, your skin is absolutely GLOWING!!! (and a little p.s. for you: your hair looks incredibly shiny and healthy. I've got to get some of that Moroccan Oil deep conditioner! I just ordered the WEN hair mask).

  2. Thanks Mama! Yow are going to love the Wen Mask. It makes your hair feel so nice!!!

  3. Nieves skin care looks amazing, I have GOT to get some of that C serum, lol!

  4. I am a fan of all the By Nieves line. I also LOVE the C perfect Skin. It feels delightful on my face.



  5. yep, i JUST got a sample size of the C perfect skin. i've only used it twice, and i am hooked. i have combination skin too, and this makes my skin feel the softest ever!

  6. I love By Nieves skin care line and use it faithfully. It has restored elasticity to my "seasoned" face and does a great job of keeping my feel young all day. It also lasts a long time so I feel I get my money's worth all the way around. Love it!

  7. Thanks for sharing us an overview about Nieves. I never had tried this product but I can see my sister-in-law using this one and she has a radiant skin now. I really like the result. :)


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