Switch Up Your Winter Wardrobe With Hats

Some moments stay with you forever. For many people, it's a really special moment. For me, it's oddities related to pop culture. I'm weird that way, but you already knew that. (I really don't take baths out of a fear of sharks, so don't act so surprised.) Anyway, I'll never forget starting sixth grade after seeing the movie Sixteen Candles. In one scene, Sam Baker wears a hat to school. I remember literally being blown away and thinking, "You can wear hats? To school?" It was like someone said I could be something I never, ever thought I could be. A hat person. My BFF Buffy bought me a pink Panama Jack hat for my 13th birthday a year or so later. I loved that hat. But I looked weird wearing it.

(A poorly photoshopped rendition of my beloved hat. My mom still has it.)

Years later, when I transferred to Temple University, I distinctly remember my Mom saying that I could be anything I wanted to be. A TV producer. A writer. A hat person. You know what? I think I'm finally all three.

It's the perfect time of year to introduce yourself to your inner-hat-person at Womens-Hats.com. Especially if you are in the Midwest right now, where I'm told it's "brutally cold with the wind".* With the dry shampoos and anti-humidity sprays on the market, there is no reason to avoid a hat!

I am currently digging the Winter Cloache  from Scala. It's easy to wear, packable and comes in a variety of colors! And because we are friends, get free ground shipping when you use code scalapronto! The Cloache hat is already 20% off, so pick one up before they are gone! The code expires soon, so use the code before it's too late.

*I think the person who constantly tells me how brutally cold it is should pull up their knickers and get a hat. :-)

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  1. I am a huge fan of hats and have so many of them. They are great for a bad hair day!

    I am having a make me an offer blog sale at the moment, pop over, say hi and score yourself a bargain!


    M x


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