Sephora's Floral Funk Eyeshadow Palette

I picked up this Sephora Collection Floral Funk Eyeshadow Palette a few weeks ago. It's so cute! I'm told that Sephora changed their shadow formulation late last year (so say the staff of the store I frequent) and that the new formulation is much better.

They tell me it's creamier, smoother and wears longer with better pigmentation in the shades.

( The shadows are half over a primer and half over plain skin.)

So far, I'm not disagreeing. I honestly hated the shadows in the past (and don't get me started on their gloss), but these wear really nicely.

The color definitely is stronger if you use a primer, but I don't think these are intended to be really strong colors. I don't feel like I am struggling to get color payoff, but some of the colors are lighter than they look like they might be.

I love the silver, green, purple and light gray. It's a fun palette for spring with beautiful cool tones. But I still maintain that anyone can wear almost any color. It's all in how you put it together.

Have you picked this up? It's also available in a palette of warmer colors. I'm digging it!

I bought this. Sephora doesn't test on animals.

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  1. yes yes yes :) This one will be on my list of what to buy at Sephora in NY!! Along with Urban Decay primer potion.

    I love the colors of this palette!!

  2. Love the cute packaging. I of course would go for the warm palette. And I am so jealous of your third arm! That would be so helpful when swatching :)

  3. @Cindy - part of me wants just to :-) at you for your comment and the 13 year old in me wants to say, "that's what she said".


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