Elf Cream Blushes: Seductress & Heartbreaker

When I heard Elf had cream blushes I instantly swooned, as their Cream Shadows recently surprised me.

Before I get into it, here is my beef with 90% of cream blushes on the market. They are all pink. Hot, loud, bright pink. I don't know why that is. But I know I don't like it. Even ones with names like Super Peach end up turning hot pink on my skin. It's beyond my comprehension.

I picked out two colors - Seductress and Heartbreaker.



I picked both of these colors because Seductress looked like a dusty mauve and Heartbreaker looked like a pretty, soft peach on the web.

Here is what they look like on me.

(Seductress blended out softly.)

(Heartbreaker blended out equally softly.)

Hmmph. The colors aren't quite what I expected, but they are pretty. The color is blendable and buildable and lasts for a decent amount of time. I really like how natural this looks when blended into the skin. I am almost surprised at how flawlessly this applied, since it is on the drier side of a cream blush to start.

I realize I make everyone around me nuts on a quest for the perfect peach blush. I do wish the color worked better for me personally, but if you, like the rest of the world apparently, prefer your cream blush on the pink side, then put down the expensive cream blush and snatch this up instead.

This was sent for review. Elf doesn't test on animals.

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