Sephora New Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in Coral Glow

While there are a ton of great things out for the holiday season right now, there aren't a ton of NEW things. On my latest trip to Sephora, one of my favorite sale associates insisted I break out of my beige-y lip gloss trend with the new Sephora Ultra Lip Vinyl Lip Pencil.

These colors are long-wearing, somewhat hydrating and super shiny. These colors are not your average shiny reds and pinks. Each is a complex twist on an old favorite.

I picked up Coral Glow, which is so bright I was afraid to wear it in public. When I did, strangers immediately started complimenting my lip color. I wore it to work one Friday and the head of account services stopped a 10-person meeting to talk about how much he loved my lip color. It's definitely brighter than I am use to and wasn't sure about it with my hair, but I think it works.

Coral Glow is the exact super bright pop of color if you are looking to emulate the 1950s lip trend. Pair it with a black liquid liner and an almost naked eye (with lots of mascara) and voila! In the photos, I had been wearing this color for 45 minutes.

It looks as if I just applied it! In reality, this color wore for about 2 hours without needing a touch up to look picture-perfect fresh. Three and a half hours later, I still have some on my lips, but the punch of color is gone. Not too bad for such a vibrant, shiny color!

I am certain I will have to head back to pick up the Sweet Beige and Gorgeous Peach colors.

If you've tried these, let me know what you think!

I bought this. Sephora does not test on animals, according to their blog.

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  1. I LOVE this look on you! For some reason, bright corals just make your whole look pop!

  2. Thank you!! It is definitely bright! I like it, but only on days I am feeling really confident!

  3. I quite like this color- from what I can tell on my computer screen you have auburn hair. My coloring is light and I have strawberryish to auburn hair in the winter. This color might look good on me too! I just like how shiny it is... not necessarily glittery.

  4. I know what you mean about feeling conspicuous, I'm afraid of red lips for the same reason. This shade is fabulous on you--it brightens your whole face!!

  5. Coral isn't an easy colour to wear, and this suits your skin tone perfectly. The picture of you really caught my attention - very pretty!

  6. wow! i'm loving it! i was afraid they'd be too glittery but it looks great on you!

  7. Kelly, I just love this color on you- really brightens up your entire face!

  8. thanks everyone!! Maybe I'll give it a try more often!!!


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