Elf Cream Eyeshadow

I love a good cream shadow. BE's Stay There and Bobbi Brown are among my favorites, so when I started hearing internet chatter that Elf had Cream Shadows that rivaled Bobbi, I had to test them out.

I picked up all four cream shadow shades:

Candlelight - a light highlighter color

Bronze - a golden bronze

Dawn - a taupe-y brown

Eggplant - a medium purple

I didn't expect much, as drugstore brand cream shadows always fail my lids.

I am happy to report that these were surprisingly really nice! They don't pack a serious color punch the way other cream shadows might, but they do add a nice wash of color to the lid. Most importantly, when used with a primer (does anyone NOT use a primer?) they don't crease. They will fade over time, but they wear much better than I had expected for $3 shadows! The Candlelight is definitely my favorite!

They also play nicely with mineral or pressed shadows to help intensify the color of the shadows. So don't forget to try using them as a base for the shadow to stick to (after prepping with a primer!).

I bought these with a gift certificate supplied by the company. Elf does not test on animals.

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  1. Wow sounds great, would love to try them out soon!

  2. Skin color Eyeshadow is best colors of eyeshadow you can use every where and every type occasion


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