Reviva Labs Soy Rejuvenating Serum

I recently gave MamaLox the chance to put on her review hat and test a product for me that is aimed at mature, post-menopausal skin. Who knew she would be equally excited about photographing the product for me? I asked MamaLox to test Soy Rejuvenating Serum by Reviva Labs on her face for six weeks. After I answered her skeptical questions (Yes, it is a real thing. No, it shouldn't burn. Yes, other people read this besides you. No, I won't tell anyone your real name.), she was game.

The Soy Rejuvenating Serum was designed with mature skin in mind. Knowing that estrogen levels drop as we age, this anti-aging serum adds back a bit of the estrogen, via soy. Since I don't have quite the skin this may work best for, I was excited that MamaLox agreed to help out.

MamaLox is in her 60's and has beautiful, clear skin. Despite loving to garden, she doesn't wear a daily SPF, but doesn't have sun-damaged skin, from a melasma perspective. Her skin tone is peachy and fairly radiant, with no trace of the sun spots I have. (Thanks, Dad.) What she does have are deeply set wrinkles and skin that is no longer taut, damage no doubt caused by sun exposure. She used the Soy Rejuvenating Serum by Reviva Labs for six weeks.

Before I tell you the result, I should let you know about MamaLox's facial care habits. She washes daily with whatever cleanser she has. She usually doesn't bother with an anti-aging cream or an SPF. Every now and then, she'll try something from the drugstore, but isn't likely to buy skincare in a department store. (I suspect she doesn't understand where my fascination with cosmetics comes from, in the same way I can't comprehend why people do yard work for fun.) She sometimes wears cosmetics, but is usually au naturel.

She has used the Serum for about six weeks (so far). For the first two weeks, she asked me why she was bothering. And then somewhere around the 17-day mark, she noticed that her wrinkles were slightly relaxed and had lessened. She noticed her skin looked more alive and radiant than usual. The improvements in her texture and wrinkles continued to improve as she continued to use the serum.

She also said, my hand to the gods, "I may even buy it when this runs out."

If that isn't an endorsement, I don't know what is.

Post Review Side Note:
When I was researching this product to learn a bit about the brand, I discovered that Reviva Labs is a secret darling brand of many bloggers. When I discovered this post on Diva Debbi's blog, I knew what the next product I need to investigate would be. And yes, MamaLox, that is a real, unretouched photo. We Beautyland Tour Bloggers aren't the kind to lie, falsify photos or do anything but tell the truth. We'd get kicked off of the tour if we did.

Product was provided for the purpose of review. Reviva Labs does not test on animals.
Photo courtesy of MamaLox.

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