Naturally Perfect. Fusion of Color Au Natural Color Collection

Sometimes a girl gets tired of the teal-green sheen or glossy, sparkly glitz that makes up the predominant eye shadows on display everywhere. It definitely happens to me. While I have perfected the art of needing to wear a bright purple and green eye combo to the grocery store, there are some days where you just want to look polished, natural and perfect. Like you were born with amazing lashes, slightly sculpted cheeks and a beautiful, bow shaped mouth.

When this mood strikes me, shimmer shadows won't due. Neither will high contrast matte shadows. The perfect fit for this mood, for me, is this different take on naked from Fusion of Color.

I love how my eyes look defined, very blue and polished. Three simple, matte shadows from Fusion of Color are the answer. The new 2010 Fall/Winter Collection includes three half size eye shadows, Moonbeam, Sunshine and In the Shade and Peaceful Blush. You'll also get sample sizes of the coordinating lipstick and lip gloss.

I love how this blush, Peaceful, makes my cheeks have the perfect amount of flush. It's an amazing natural color that isn't overly pink, brown or peach. Somehow it just blends into the skin, emphasizing what you already have. It's a unique color that doesn't look as unique in the pot, but adds the perfect amount of color to give you a fresh look.

This lip color sample that I am wearing is, High Strung, a cross between a gloss and a lip stick; a hydrating, real nude. Not a nude that is lighter than your lip color (on me, anyway), but one that is just slightly better than your lip color. It's an easy, weekend look for Fall!

Pick up the whole kit for $18.25. Natural never looked so naturally beautiful!

This was sent for me for the purposes of review. Fusion of Color does not test on animals.

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  1. I think you look really pretty in those colors. And, btw, I can't believe how LONG your hair is! I just used my Peter Lamas stuff this a.m. and I love it. (the smell is...mmmmm...wonderful!)

  2. You look really nice! They definitely bring out your blue eyes.

  3. Kelly, I love love love this look on you!! I am just in awe of how gorgeous & flawless you are ~ so jealous!!!

  4. That is crazy nice of you! I dont see it that way at all, but isn't that always the case? I see my chin mole that I loathe and other flaws. That is so kind of you and a great reminder that we should stop being our own harshest critic and appreciate what we have!

  5. Sweetie I completely understand because I do the same thing to myself. I love makeup & love doing my blog ( but hate having to post pics of myself cuz I so often feel ugly. Maybe we can encourage each other ~ even though I don't post every day, I do read your blog every day & always think to myself "Gosh Kelly is so pretty!" LOL Aren't I a dork!

  6. I don't think you are a dork at all! thank you do much for the kind comments! We should try to encourage each other!


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