Fun Things I Forgot to Mention: September

Sometimes I go on shopping sprees and forget to tell you what I loved. I suppose happens when you are always on the prowl for new goodies...Anywho, here are my new discoveries that you should know about.

1. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner. I am sure that this shampoo and conditioner is leaving a residue behind on my hair, similar to what Pantene is rumored to do. I don't care. It makes my hair feel totally different from anything else I use on a regular basis. My hair swings, gets stuck in my lip gloss (it's long enough to do that now!) and is so soft it is begging to be touched. I still alternate with my beloved Peter Lamas products, which are still making my hair grow at unprecedented rates. But every other shampoo and condition, it's this magical blue bottle for me.

2. Bare Escentuals Buxom Travel in Style with Monica Buxom Gloss and Athens Big and Healthy Lip Stick. I love Buxom. I love peach colored cosmetics. These two together create a beautiful bright peachy smile that lasts for a respectable amount of time. The color isn't so bright, isn't too much, but instead is politely bright, even for an outwardly shy gal like myself. I love how the color brightens up my whole complexion and just makes me look happy. You can't look bummed out in this color, it's impossible!

3. Lancome Oscillation Powerbooster and Lancome L'Extreme. This mascara and conditioner combination are amazing. The Powerbooster isn't making my lashes grow, but the combination of the two products makes my lashes look amazingly perfect for 12 hours. I can't believe I ever purchased the vibrating wand lash primer but I did, and it is amazing. It seems like such a gimmick. In all honesty, I went to the Lancome counter at two different stores a few times each to look at it, without being able to pull the trigger on the price tag. I was certain it was not worth the cash. Two months later, I still love it.

(SIDE NOTE:I was just reading the fine print on the website for this product and realized that despite the well worded copy that leaves the impression this causes lash growth, it in fact, does not do any such thing. It just makes it easier to see natural lash growth.)

The L'Extreme Mascara claims to attach fibers to each lash and maybe it does. I am not seeing too many fibers when I look at the wand by itself, but the end result is longer lashes. I don't get how this combo works so well for me, and I would never have believed it if I hadn't tried it.

4. This season is about the red and I have found yet another red lip gloss I adore. This one is from the True Color Collection from Estee Lauder, Wet Cranberry Shine. It's another red that makes your teeth whiter, your skin brighter and blue eyes pop. There are a myriad of great reds out there this season, but this is one of my favorites!

I bought all of these products with my own nickels.

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  1. I use Hello Hydration and notice my hair is more soft but I'm not seeing a difference in the breakage of my hair.


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