Youthful Trends Caffeinated Primer

In my search for the perfect primer, I was excited to try out Youthful Trends Caffeinated Primer. It's made with all natural ingredients and contains good for your skin ingredients like cucumber, which make it also smell delightful and fresh.

This primer is the consistency of water (it's the first ingredient listed). If most primers feel too heavy on your skin, this one is worth checking out, as it is very, very light. Youthful Trends Caffeinated Primer claims to be able to prolong the wear of your makeup, reduce sweating, plump skin and help shield skin from UV rays.

So how did it hold up? To be honest? A lot better than I had expected. The first noticeable difference with this primer is that it actually helped hydrate my skin, making it look slightly plumper and more firm. My skin is normally very dry and this helped keep me hydrated, without succumbing to having that icky, humidity induced mucky skin. I can't say it reduced sweating, only because I didn't really try to sweat. I'm not a sweat-er, as those who know me personally will enthusiastically agree. As for the UV claims, independent tests (not done by the company) have shown that the topical application of caffeine can help to protect skin from UV rays. So if you are like me, and looking for every way to protect your skin from the aging rays of the sun, this may be the primer for you.

Youthful Trends Caffeinated Primer is available online and retails for $30. However, Gouldylox Readers can save 25% site wide by using checkout code SHEBLOG. Have you tried this? What did you think? Tell me in the comments!

This product was sent to me for the purposes of review. Youthful Trends does not test on animals.

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  1. I really want to try some of these beauty products with caffeine in them and not just because I'm horribly addicted to the substance. ;) Thanks for the review!

  2. I tried this primer and did like it :)


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