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Stila recently launched their fall line, which includes a whole host of new goodies. I got a chance to check out their new Long Wear Liquid Lip Color products in store.

These aren't quite lip sticks and they aren't quite glosses. They come in the lip gloss packaging, but deliver color that looks like a semi-matte lip stick and feels like a thick, creamy gloss. And dries like a lip stick. It's confusing. They are available in six shades and claim to wear for 24 hours. Twenty-four hours? Ok, Stila, settle down in the claims department. Twenty-four hours can't be right, can it? Why I'd eat my own eyeballs if that happened*.

Stila-long-wearing-lip-color, stila-review, stila-cosmetics(Shown from top to bottom are: Muse, Coral, Petal, Patina, Caprice, Fiery)

Here are the colors swatched on my arm. I swatched them in store, but then took this picture at home, about an hour later. In that hour, the colors didn't budge or smear. The slight smudge on the last color is my fault. (I tried to make it look nicer after I had applied it and it had set for a few minutes. The color itself didn't move.)

After swatching them on my arm, I went back the next day to try one out and see how it wore. I tried Muse.

Here is what it looked like when I applied it.

Here is what it looked like after it dried down completely. It got to be a more intense shade - it's ok, but I liked the original color better. At first, it didn't dry down completely and remained slightly tacky for the first 20 minutes or so. Here is what my evening included.

- I ate an Auntie Anne's Pretzel and drank a soda through a straw. The lip color stayed true, despite the deliciously buttery pretzel.

- I conducted therapy dogs testing for 3 hours, with no air conditioning. I am sure I chewed on my lips, as it was a stressful environment, thanks to not having AC.

- I drank 2 bottles of Diet Mountain Dew, without a straw.

I applied the color at 5:45pm. When I got home at 10:15 pm, this is what the lip color looked like:

There is still a hint of color, and after all I had put my pucker through that night, I wouldn't have expected any color to remain. I didn't get 24 hours out of it, but I definitely got a solid four hours.

Have you tried this? Did you like how the texture looked? It's definitely different. It's worth checking out if you are looking for a long wearing lip color.

*I'm not actually going to eat my own eyes if I am wrong. I will gladly apologize, but I will not resort to self-cannibalistic measures.

I just tried this in the store. I didn't buy it and they didn't send it. Stila doesn't test on animals.

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  1. Hmmm...not so sure about these. I think a more moist finish tends to be a bit more flattering to our lips. The color is pretty, but as I find with most "stain" type of lipcolors (with the exception of Tarte's), they bleed a bit around the lip.

  2. Oh...and very glad you didn't have to eat your eyeballs!! lol

  3. I am a lip gloss girl at heart, or at least a super pigmented, moist lipstick girl. The texture on these is definitely different...

  4. I really want one of these! They remind me of L'Oreal's Rouge Pulp liquid lipsticks (now discontinued). :)

  5. Hm, these make me think of Fyrinnae Lip Lustres, only those things last longer on me ;)


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