Best of Summer : CHEEKS

I am on a hectic shoot all week, with little to no time to write, (or even tweet!) so I thought I would look back at my favorites from the past season. First up is a new discovery for me, Dalton. My favorite cheek product of the summer (and possibly the year, so far) has to be the H2 Glow Natural Highlighting Cream. This cream stays where you put it and looks radiant. Really, really radiant. It's like super model highlighter that doesn't fade as soon as you put it on. Here's a look at my favorite cheek sculpting product of the season.

I recently discovered Dalton Color Cosmetics when I was researching bronzers. Most of the bronzers I am finding for the summer are either very shimmery or very matte brown. Both are fine, depending on the situation, but neither could work to help me fill in the uneven color on my décolleté from when I had an earlier mishap with sprayable sunscreen. Everything I had was either too dark brown or just too shiny to fill in the uneven area.

Dalton's Golden Pearl Bronzer (it comes with an amazing Puki brush) is different. This bronzer is more of a natural tan color. The color you get when you are actually outside and get some color. I don't know about you, but I don't tan with a reflective sheen. (Although it might be interesting if I could do that.) I also don't tan in a plain brown color. This bronzer looks completely natural on the face or body (so many can't do both).

The Puki brush, part powder brush, part kabuki brush, helps to ensure a smooth application, without blotches or streaks. I like to use a smaller brush on my face and use the larger brush to bronze my décolleté, arms and legs. It does come in two colors - light to medium and medium to dark, so hopefully one will work for you. This is definitely one of the more natural looking bronzers I have tried and is honestly pretty goof-proof. The only down side is that it isn't water proof. I haven't had any streaking or transfer issues, so it seems fairly resistant. I love the color it gives your skin - totally believable!

I am also loving their H2Glow Natural Highlighter Cream. I have been looking for new highlighters that not only leave a bit of dewy goodness on your skin, but actually stay fresh and dewy looking throughout the day. Most highlighters lose their sheen shortly after you put them on. This cream is slightly different. While it comes in a pan and is applied with a sponge or fingers (I like fingers, personally), it is much tackier than your normal cream. In fact, when you first apply it, the cream is definitely on the sticky side. After you apply it, it settles down into a smooth finish that doesn't budge. Because of that, I suggest applying it as the very last touch to your face. Otherwise, any blush or powder will cling to it. Once it settles down, it doesn't look like you are wearing a highlighter on your face. Instead, it looks like a natural radiance that isn't oily looking. And it lasts for hours! I put it on at 7:00am and as of 2:12pm (when I am writing this), it looks exactly the same! You have to love that!

Here is my Dalton FOTD, including the Brightening Wand I can't be without.

(In the car, in between meetings.)

(Another Dalton FOTD. I love the highlighters! )

Today I am wearing the Golden Pearl Bronzer all over my neck, chest and legs. I look believably bronze and it only took a few minutes this morning. I didn't have to exfoliate or wait for my skin to dry. Just a few quick swipes with the Puki brush and I was golden!

These products are available through QVC. What bronzer are you gravitating to this summer? Have you tried anything from Dalton before? Let me know!

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  1. I does look very natural! I must check it out... I'm quite pale and bronzers normally look hideous on me. I found a great MAC beauty powder with pink tones that is nice but was a limited edition...


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