Urban Outfitters. Huh?

by guest blogger, Anne Houseman of Beauty Xpose

Don’t get us wrong — we love us some Urban Outfitters, as you’ve probably noticed during many of our Fab Finds. BUT, we also notice that the brand has an irrational affinity for items better suited for playing dress-up than dressing for real life.

Take this Bunny Ears headband, for example.

bunny ears headband urban outfitters

While from afar, it could be mistaken for an over-starched, over-sized bow caught in a gale wind, if you’re standing next to someone wearing this headband, you might also want to scan the room for Hugh Hefner.

But, all said and done, we suppose it’s not quite as bad as last season’s Urban Outfitters fringe thigh high stockings, which had us neighing all the way to the stables.

fringe thigh high stockings

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  1. I choked on my diet coke when I saw the stockings. Hahahaha. Wow. Um, no. But I'm getting a little old for that kind of thing so perhaps I just don't understand current styles. ;)


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