Cover Girl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner

My Target recently started carrying the newish Liquiline Eye Liner from Cover Girl (I believe it's been available elsewhere for several weeks). Available in six shades, this liner claims to be a liquid liner in a pencil.

(Black Fire, Brown Blaze, Silver Spark, Violet Voltage, Blue Boom, Green Glow)

I picked up the Violet Voltage to see how liquid-like it could actually be.

From the first time you touch this, it is definitely a softer eyeliner pencil than I remember most drug store varieties offering. In fact, it reminds me of Mally Beauty's cult-favorite EverColor Starlight liners. The pencil is very soft and glides on with a full, rich color. It is in fact waterproof and wears for a full eight hours without showing signs of fading.

But does it look like a liquid? Sorta. When I think liquid liner, I think long-wearing, pigment-packed, clean lines.

This liner doesn't provide a clean, sharp-edged, shiny line like a liquid, but it does give the appearance of being a really rich, thick, semi-shiny line, especially when blended with their special smudge tool.

(Smudged line and thicker, non-smudged line)

For less than $8, it is definitely worth picking up. Especially in this humid, sultry weather; it won't melt, move or muss.

I paid for this myself, at Target. It's a good thing I liked it, since Target has such an archaic return policy on cosmetics. Sadly, Cover Girl still tests on animals. Photos by Cover Girl and yours truly.

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  1. I have the Blue, Green and Grey and love them.

  2. I have the green and it works great on the lower lashline.

  3. That green is calling my name. I am going to have to pick it up :-)

  4. I am lovin the green and blue the violet looks nice too!!

  5. Mine won't twist up...or is that not how you work this thing?


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