Shiseido Makeover by Celeb Makeup Artist Renato Almeida

A bit ago, before my house was gutted and re-built, I wrote about the new Shiseido summer collection. I recently had the opportunity to have my makeup done by their celebrity makeup artist, Renato Almeida. The best part about getting your makeup done by someone who doesn't know you is that you get a fresh interpretation of yourself.

(Me before the makeover.)

So what did Renato do for me? He emphasized my eyes, lining the inner rim with the cult favorite liner, Black Sand. Amazingly, his application lasted all day and into the evening - despite the fact I spent the rest of the day painting my living room, dining room, foyer and kitchen.

(Me after the makeover.)

I really loved how my eyes looked. Renato used a green and peach combo that made my eyes really look pretty, but natural. Specifically, he used Serpent (green) and Bouillon (peach), which are part of the Luminizing Satin Eye Color collection.

I also really liked how their Mascara Base made my lashes look. It conditions lashes to help them grow and adds thickness and a little length. You've seen my lashes, I will take what I can get!

On my lips, he used Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer in the Tender color. Renato also used the Hazel liner, which was a perfect match for my pale pink natural lip.

The sales associates at the Shiseido counter kept telling me that their White Lucent system would get rid of my melasma really, really fast (specifically, a difference would be noticeable in two weeks). I told them that not much has made a difference on my skin but they could not be deterred. It sounds like a Prove It! Challenge to me! Have you tried this? Please let me know if you have!

Where do you look for inspiration to reinvent your look? Have you tried their White Lucent skincare line? Either way, tell me in the comments!

I purchased the lipstick and lip liner from this event. Shiseido does test on animals.

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  1. I love this look on you. He really brought out the color of your eyes. I think the lip look is beautiful. I'll have to go check all of these products out now.

  2. The makeup artist did a wonderful job!! You need to buy those eyeshadows or recreate it using similiar colors. You looked gorgeous!!


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